Mysterious Creature Of The Deep

Scotland has Nessie. The Chesapeake Bay has Chessie.

We recently discovered our own little monster in the Assawoman Bay. If we can convince anyone she exists, should we call her “Assie?”

Call the Mythbusters. See if there are any Sasquatch searchers with boats. Offer a reward for clear evidence of a swimming creature in the Assawoman Bay in the DelMarVa peninsula.

You might think the mysterious creature bears a remarkable resemblance to Honey the golden retriever. But Honey doesn’t swim.

Or does she?

Honey the golden retriever winks.

I’ll never tell.

Has your dog ever surprised you by learning something new as an adult?


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  1. Aww bless her!

  2. I’ve always thought that dogs were born knowing how to swim. Some just don’t want to.

  3. The wink is too funny!

  4. This is quite a mystery to solve. I have a feeling Honey taught herself how to swim.

  5. Hahaha! She is welcome to swim up to me any day!

  6. Fun!! We love the water! :-)

  7. Old(er) dogs can learn new tricks! The wink is perfect.

  8. Wilhelm was five when he jumped into a tide pool next to us during a leashed beach hike. At first I freaked out because I thought he had fallen in but he swam in a few adorable little circles then hopped back out. He has been a swimming dachshund ever since!

  9. Usually I learn stuff mom doesn’t want me to learn, but adult dogs do still learn.

  10. Most all dogs swim ( a few of those really tank like breeds might not do too well), but not all dogs like to. There’s a big difference!

  11. aren’t dogs just plain wonderful???? I really think so….enjoying all the posts

  12. Awesome!! I was a little worried about her not liking or wanting to swim as your new life sets sail. Give her a big hug from me!! :)

  13. Hi Y’all!

    Of course she can swim! She’s a Golden Retriever, she’s born knowin’ how to swim.

    Did you follow me to There is a link on

    Hope, if you haven’t already, I hope y’all will come to my new home. I’m still workin’ on it. I’ll be tryin’ a different format tomorrow. We need your input.

    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. I can’t believe Honey did not like to swim before! Our Goldens would live in the water if they could! So glad that she is enjoying it now!

  15. Great job, love the winking photo!

  16. Maybe she decided swimming was better than baking in the Southern heat.

  17. Too cute!