My Husband Would Never Get a Dog

As he often reminds me, my husband would never have a dog if he wasn’t married to me.

And yet he’s more than a casual onlooker in our little Casa de Perra. He’s a full-fledged inmate if I ever saw one.

Honey the Golden Retriever considers the wobble board.

He’s not just a poop scooper. Mike shows off his training chops when he gets Honey onto a wobble board.

Whether I’m bringing foster dogs home or teaching Honey to ride in a bike cart, he always bring a sense of humor to the proceedings.

But you  know that already, right? You’ve read his guests posts.

Oh, you haven’t? Then you don’t know what you’re missing.

We’ll start off with the slightly gross:

Over the past two days, Honey has been coming up to me out of nowhere and nuzzling the palm of my right hand.

I would find this behavior cute instead of vaguely creepy but for the fact that my little finger has been seeping trace amounts of blood from the eight stitches I received from a losing encounter two days ago with an access hatch cover.

Read the rest of Glad to Meat You.

Honey the Golden Retriever tries to nap in the sailboat cockpit.

He doesn’t look like a reluctant dog owner, does he?

And of course, what kind of dog blog would this be without a truly amazing poop story? And I mean amazing. Learn what happens when, walking a dog without a plastic bag, my husband gets inspired by the surrounding snow and the image of a tootsie pop in  The Dog, The Universe, and Me.

So he might not have a dog if he wasn’t married to me. But he’d also have fewer funny stories.

Your Turn: Do your closest friends and family understand your dog passion? Or do they just go along for the ride?





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  1. Mike can tell a great story!

    I get a roll of the eyes from my family on dog related matters!

  2. Well lucky for Mike that he married you, or he’d be missing out on a great part of life! hehe. My Mike has always been a dog lover, I think I’m the one who is probably more of a problem to put up with!

  3. I love Mike’s story! Reminds me of the time Sam forgot that Kissy (my poodle) sometimes had accidents in the house and stepped right into the middle of one — in his bare feet.

    When I first got Kissy, I was still “dating” my previous “boyfriend” — and the quotation marks are there for a reason but not a story for another day — and my father could not understand why I wanted another dog after having had to put down our last family dog a month before. “Why not just get Michael to move in?” was his retort. “Because I DON’T WANT him to move in.” I never could figure out why Dad ever suggested having Michael move in — he never really liked the guy — but I gave up trying a long time ago. :-) I don’t think Dad realized how strong the bond was between Kissy and me until that last time he saw her before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. He stopped making disparaging remarks about her once Sam and I were engaged, but I’m not sure if there was a connection there or not.

  4. Mom is that crazy animal person in the family but she has always been that way, so they just all accept it.

  5. Truth? I would NOT have married someone who didn’t love dogs as much as I do.

  6. Many of my friends are dog owners themselves, which means it’s easy to talk about dogs, dogs, dogs when we’re together! A lot of my family however have cats, so find it easy to go along for the ride when I’m telling them little dog walking anecdotes. Which makes me think that perhaps I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t love animals- maybe I surround myself with them subliminally? Food for thought!

    So glad your husband is so great with yours and has embraced your passion for dogs!

  7. By the way, reading the poop/snow story for the second time and I’m in stitches laughing! Such great writing :)

  8. C would have dogs. What he wouldn’t have is a kid, and yet, he’s the primary caregiver. So I say, raise a glass to the men who not only put up with us but become full and active partners in our crazy schemes.

  9. John always says that he LOVES our dogs but that he only “sort of likes” most other dogs. :)

  10. I completely understand. Growing up I never had a dog, or really liked dogs but a little over a year ago my girlfriend convinced me. Now to say the least, I’m completely obsessed. Since we got Clifford, we have met so many new people who are also dog owners. They completely understand our obsession and it all has been a lot of fun.

  11. Your husband reminds me of my mother. She didn’t want a dog at all. But when I was 16 I had serious eye surgery and my parents promised I could have whatever I wanted – guess what it was. She thought we would keep it a week and then give it away. Too late. She fell in love with him. Mom fed him and took him out and he followed her around. Dogs get under your skin.

    Your husband is the same way.

  12. Well, for the most part, I think hubby is as dog crazy as I am. Two of his sisters read the blog, but it might be more in the hopes of reading funny stories about their brother than about the dogs. My family isn’t quite the same as me with the dogs, but they are all pretty fond of dogs. I feel bad for my dad, because he has always loved dogs, but my stepmom doesn’t (despite my sister’s claims to the contrary) and after our last dog passed away, there hasn’t been another. He used to drive up to my sister’s house and borrow her dog while she was at work, but now he lives in town, so I’m sure that doesn’t happen anymore. I think if he were born in a different time, he’d be a very different kind of dog owner, and probably would have one there in town anyway, no matter what my stepmom says.

  13. You are a good influence on your husband!

  14. He really looks like he is suffering!! :0)

  15. LOL! Great stories!!! My husband would never have a dog either if it wasn’t for me. It was quite an adjustment for him when we first got married a few years ago. But he’s come to enjoy them. I am still their primary caretaker but he will take over when needed. Recently, he picked up after Maya’s poop. That was the first time ever! He generally waits until I get home and then points it out to me so I can pick it up.

  16. Haha! In our house, I’m the converted one.
    Aside from a collie when I was really little, I’d never owned a dog before, but the Husband wore me down after a few years. As you can tell, I don’t do much half-assed. I required a big dog, which worked for him because he always liked Newfoundlands. We spent lots of time researching breeders, dove head first into training, then into blogging, and then adopted a second. And I wouldn’t look back now! He created a monster :)

  17. That’s a man who loves his dog. Why do men downplay what we love when they love it, too? *sigh*

    My friends generally don’t get me at all. It’s not just the dogs. It’s the chickens and duck. It’s my music and all my interests. I think I’m that one weird friend for a lot of people.

  18. I never would have loved dogs myself if not for my husband. He had to talk me into getting our first dog. However, I got totally hooked from there, and will never be without a dog again. Most of my family and close friends are dog crazy also, and totally understand us.

  19. nanny and grampy aren’t really dog people. But I’ve totally won them over :-)

  20. Luckily most of my family are dog lovers – and Steve’s too, so we don’t get too many of the weird ‘dog people’ looks when we go on about the dogs.