My House Without A Dog – Wordless Wednesday (Sorta)

My house goes on the market Monday.

I’ve created a website to promote it. But you know what I could not find anywhere? An exterior picture of the house with no dog in it.

I found this picture.

Honey the golden retriever considers real estate.

I wonder if I could see myself living here?

And this one.

Honey the Golden Retriever with BlogPaws 2011 and Spooky Buddies swag

From my doghouse to yours.

And this.

Honey the Golden Retriever and Sally the Basset Hound foster puppy relax.

Honey: Why does everyone keep singing “Ebony and Ivory” to us?
Sally: I really blend into these cushions. I’m just glad I didn’t wear my muu muu today.

This one.

Golden Retriever on the porch

Which bed is better? The soft one on the floor? Or the one where the people sit?

And this one, my all time favorite, with our terrific foster dog, Cherie.

Golden Retriever and hound mix on the porch

Don’t you think folks would buy the house because it has dogs?

Why do I care if there’s a dog in the picture?

Because while many people in my town like pets, the ones who don’t are crazy town banana pants on the issue. How crazy?

One local resident writes letters to a local landlord she doesn’t rent from complaining because they allow cats. And one other person worked up a full head of steam in a newspaper editorial about the huge amount of dog poop in the city park. The city park that doesn’t allow dogs. And that contains thousands of Canada geese.

While I don’t expect to sell my house to an insane person, I don’t want to create barriers for a potential buyer who sees signs of a dog and starts sniffing for animal smells or whatever else they think animals do to a house.

So I have a grey, snowy picture of my house on the website. With no dog anywhere.

Maybe it will help me sell my house. But seeing the house without a dog makes me sad.

Let’s hope the new owners love dogs too. And we keep lots of happy dog karma in the house.

If you want to see my house website, check out Fall Creek Home.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.
Your Turn: If you needed to find pictures of your home without dogs or other pets, could you do it?

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  1. Mom does photos for the realtor she works for and always has to make sure no pets are in the photos, no pet stuff either. Selling a home is not a fun thing, so I hope yours sells quickly so you can get back to living in it as you like.

    • Glad to hear my instincts are backed up by a professional. :)

      We’re only listing ours for a week. It’s a very hot neighborhood and there are no other houses on the market in it right now.

      And we’ll be moving into an Air BnB place so our house shows well without any dog hair. I know it will sell quickly. I just hope things go smoothly.

    • Oops, almost forgot. Congratulations on your BlogPaws award nomination! It’s well-deserved with all your hard work.

  2. We sold our house a few months ago and it turned out that having dogs was a plus. Although we always left and took the dogs with us when the house was being shown, the buyers had dogs themselves and were looking for a dog-friendly neighborhood. A selling point was the fact that the house already had a securely fenced yard. I hope you are able to sell your home quickly at the price you want like we did.

  3. The front yard, yes; anywhere else it would be tough.

  4. I do, not many, but I do. I never really even thought about this until we tried to sell our house in Pasadena and the realtor told us to get rid of the dog beds and dog toys…I was like WTH? Who doesn’t like dogs and why would I give them this great dog friendly house complete with dog door?

  5. PS. Good luck with the house.

  6. We are crossing our paws that you house sells! Let’s hope they don’t think Honey comes with the house! 😉

  7. Bipeds are very strange beings!
    I hope all goes smoothly for you.

  8. People are odd. And if they don’t like pets, they are not to be trusted

  9. I probably wouldn’t have any any photos w/o a doodle in the doorway either. Mainly because I am then on the outside taking the photo LOL. Paws crossed and extra prayers that your house sells in hours vs. days. You’ve worked hard preparing for this moment. Congratulations as you new adventure begins….

  10. Hope it sells fast, selling is so stressful for everyone in the house. You leave for it to be shown and take the fukids with you and when you get home~~the furkids look at you like MOM someone was in OUR house and WE were gone!!!

  11. A couple of years ago, I actually went through old photos of the house and any that did NOT have a dog in them went into the garbage bin.

    Your house is amazing! Although, I started thinking about how you had to clean all of that and paint and de-fur it all! That was a LOT of work!

  12. Your house and neighborhood look beautiful! Do you have the sailboat yet? It sounds like things might move along quickly. I’m so excited for you! :)

  13. I know I have pictures from the street without dogs, maybe not the backyard. I have always heard you have to hide all evidence of pets for showing a home, esp. cats because people are really paranoid about cat pee. There is no way I could ever remove every dog hair from my house! Mission Impossible!

    I bet your house has never been so clean! I hope it sells quickly and you can move on from there. Good Luck!

  14. What a beautiful home, Pamela – love the cheerful colors and all the sun that gets in.

  15. Looks beautiful!

  16. You did a great job with staging the house. Web site is nice, simple, and clean. Although I personally would prefer to see Honey greeting folks on the front stoop!
    Few years ago when my mother went to sell her rural horse farm she had one local agent refuse to list her home. Why? Because she had animals. Told she needed to move out first. Mom hired another agent and quickly sold the farm.
    Good luck selling first week out!

  17. Selling a house is such a pain. Personally, I like a house sale pic w/ a dog in. We noticed one when we were looking at housing and buying our current place. We totally wanted to go check out that house! (Although it wasn’t the one we ended up buying.) That’s great that you’re moving to another place while it’s on the market. Makes things so much easier. We already had our new house, so luckily the pooch and I could go there (along with most of our clutter!) while our old house was on the market. And luckily it sold in 10 days. Hope yours sells quickly and smoothly as well!

  18. I think a dog MAKES a home! “Home is where the dog greets you!” Good luck selling your house. Something tells me that a picture of a dog wouldn’t deter you from purchasing a new home!

  19. Haha! The only dog free pics I have are the ones I had when I toured the house before I moved in.

  20. We hope the new owners will love dogs too! Good luck selling your house :)

  21. You have a lovely home! I always prefer seeing genuine photos of a house, with pets and such, then somewhat staged ones. It’s what makes it transform from a house to a home and you are able to visualize living in it. Good luck with the sale!

  22. Every photo looks better with a dog in it! I hope your house sells quickly (and to a dog lover.)

  23. If I was buying a house, I’d be far more attracted to one that had a dog in the photo, and signs of pets in the house! But I guess we’re different. :)
    BTW, your house is beautiful…even if you weren’t in the neighborhood you are I can’t imagine you’d have much trouble selling it.

  24. Ha, the couch cover in the 3rd bedroom gives it away that yours is a “dog house”. Or, it’s a secret subliminal message to dog-owners, letting them know dogs live comfortably in this house while non-doggers don’t even register the cover. :-> Good luck!