My Dog Thinks I’m A Poor Substitute

Poor Honey.

Nothing is worse than when she’s stuck with me as her playmate. My dog thinks I’m a poor substitute for my husband.

Honey the golden retriever runs to her favorite playmate.

You’re no fun. I see someone much better.

Best Playmate Ever

According to Honey, my husband Mike is the best playmate ever.

He wrestles. He plays tug. He even plays a human version of bitey face where his hands take the place of another dog’s jaws.

When Honey comes back from playing with Mike, she’s tired. But happy.

You should see the expressions on Honey’s face when I take her out to play.

Mike dresses Honey the golden retriever for a walk.

Wait, you’re not the one who usually walks me. Aren’t we going to play?

Second Best By A Mile

Honey looks excited when I show her a ball and toss it for her. At least the first time.

But after a few pathetic throws, Honey decided she’d rather sniff around the lawn.

Apparently I’m too lame a playmate for her to bother with.

Honey will try again when she finds a particularly attractive stick.

First she does her bucking bronco dance where she parades around the lawn showing off her stick. Then she’ll come near, daring me to try to grab it from her.

When Honey figures out my grip is too weak to give her much competition, she cools on the game of tug too.

I’m just a poor substitute for my husband.

Honey the golden retriever runs to her favorite playmate.

If I ran any faster to my favorite playmate, I’d probably take off.

What Honey Does With Me

I’m not totally useless.

Honey knows she can count on me for some things.

I’m the person who takes her for long sniffy walks and will wait as long as it takes for her to finish her explorations. I practice tricks with her when she’s getting bored. And I’m always a soft cushion for her head when she’s napping.

All I know is that Honey is lucky she’s living in a two human household. Because my dog might think either one of us is a poor substitute for the other.

Mike is Honey's favorite playmate.

I dub thee Sir Plays-a-Lot.

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  1. Honey seems to know the strengths and weaknesses of both of her humans! Our dogs know that my hubby is good for an afternoon nap on weekends…I don’t sit still quite as often (though if I’m working in the kitchen they might forgo the nap to keep an eye on me). But when it comes to playing ball, they have no preference…anyone willing to give it a throw will do. When company comes over Cricket will bring the ball right to them immediately!

  2. Zach is the one who really likes to play, and he by far prefers Danielle over me. They play very much like Honey and Mike do. Other than that, we’re pretty much interchangeable.

  3. Aw, sweet Honey! She knows which side her bread is buttered on! Long, sniffy walks are great; but play time requires a human who acts like a dog! ?

  4. It’s funny how they figure out who is best for what.

  5. I have to be all things to Blueberry. I like to think she doesn’t sit around wishing she lived with someone else. Thankfully, cattle dogs and known for their loyalty. When B met my brother and his family last week she loved the attention but after they pet her for a few minutes she would run back over to me and sit extra close to let me know I was still hers. She did this several times; it was funny and so sweet. I am sure Honey loves that she has two of you, each to fulfill her various needs. 🙂

  6. Men interact with kids and dogs differently than women do. It is a lot more fun, a bit more rough, just different. At the end of the day, though, everyone really does want their mom. Dads are fun, but that is it, they are fun. Moms are the best.

  7. Phoenix feels that way about my husband. That he’s a poor substitute for me. LOL!

  8. BOL, yes, they do – both pups will choose playtime with their Daddy over playtime with Mommy any day 😉 He’s just the better ball-thrower/frisbee thrower, run & chase around-er, and tug-of-war-er …

  9. From the Husband:
    My wife may think she’s a poor substitute in the play department, but Honey and I know she’s an excellent human being in every department. And we would have no other.

  10. Doodle Dad is the the poor substitute in Doodleville. He tries really hard but I don’t think he speaks “Doodle” therefore he doesn’t understand the fun stuff that we do.

  11. Love has different facets and both you and Mike fill Honey’s. Well done you guys! ღ