My Dog Loves And Hates Her Blog

I know people give their dogs credit for knowing amazing things. But Honey does not know she’s the star of her own blog.

Honey the Golden Retriever sleeps in the tent by the laptop.

Really? Even when we’re camping?

If I say “Something Wagging This Way Comes” to her, she stares blankly.

She has no idea why I keep taking her picture.

And most of all, she can’t figure out why I wake up so early to type on the computer most mornings.

Honey the golden retriever dog looks at a blog.

What’s so exciting about this blogging stuff?

Despite her not knowing anything about it, however, my dog loves and hates her blog.

Here’s why:

Honey loves her blog because she occasionally gets yummies in the mail when I do a review.

Honey hates her blog because every minute I’m working on it, I’m not petting her, playing with her, or taking her for a walk.

Honey loves her blog because really interesting people recognize her from her pictures, like Pup Fan from I Still Want More Puppies.

Honey the Golden Retriever at BlogPaws.

I was thrilled to meet Pup Fan of I Still Want More Puppies. Especially when I found out how good she was at butt scratchies.

Honey hates her blog because I keep taking pictures of her.

Honey loves her blog because writing about our relationship keeps me thinking about ways I can make it even better.

Honey hates her blog because it inspires me to try weird experiments with her when she’d rather be napping.

Honey loves her blog because it has introduced her to hundreds of other pet bloggers. Some of them have even visited our home.

Honey the Golden Retriever gets an ear massage from her special friend Kirsten.

The woman says you write The Peaceful Dog blog. I don’t know what that means. But I’m sure glad you came to scratch my ears.

Honey hates her blog because you can’t eat it, chase it, or roll around on it. And every dog knows those are the signs of a really good thing.

I wrote my thousandth post several months ago (Does Your Dog Love You As Much As You Love Your Dog?) and I still have a six page list of other things I want to write about. Not to mention the fresh topics that come up just living with Honey or reading other dog blogs.

So whether Honey likes it or not, I still have a few things to say.

Maybe to make her feel better, I’ll find a way to print a blog post on a cookie.

Your Turn: If you’re a blogger, do you think your dog has an opinion about your blog? If you aren’t, are you ever tempted to write about your dog?


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  1. This is spot on! Ruby likes getting her picture taken because it means treats, and she loves reviews because they usually mean treats, but she is not a fan of the time spent in front of the screen.

  2. Why I love your blog and never hate it:
    It’s always thought deep and honest.
    There’s a golden retriever.
    It’s always thought-provoking.
    The pictures of Honey are adorable.
    I’m always left with a smile, or at least a good feeling :)

  3. I’m sure my guys wish the time spent blogging was really time spent entertaining them instead. But I do think they benefit because I’m always looking for new things/places to blog about, and that means they get out and about more.

  4. I think Jack mostly likes it for the photo shoots (read treats).

  5. I love my blog because I love all the attention it gets me. People recognize me when I am out and about, I get lots of photos taken and I love to have my photo taken, but best of all, packages arrive for me all the time filled with good stuff for me to taste. The fact that Mom spends lots of time on the computer is fine with me because I need my napping time.

  6. I can so relate. My husband always pokes his head in my office to remind me that if I don’t get up from the computer – I won’t have anything to blog about. I so enjoy blogging and reading. I love to learn so research can captivate my attention for hours. So I understand totally! I’ve never asked Harley how he felt about all of this because I probably am afraid to know!

  7. They like the fact that they get yummy treats when I do a review, but that’s about it 😉 Most of the time I think their annoyed that I interrupted their naps to take pictures!

  8. I think our dogs like the blog because it means that we get out to try new things and see new places to write about. Most weekends have designated dog adventure time and they like that. We also get some pretty cool stuff to review, and they don’t mind that at all.

  9. LOL Honey! My dogs hate the posting for pictures part. But they love the treats they get for cooperating.

  10. I think Elka hates the blog for the reasons listed. The camera in her fact, the lack of attention, etc. But she too loves getting great treats in the mail! That reminds me, I have a review to write….

  11. How sad is it that Blueberry actually thinks it’s ODD when I don’t take pictures of her when we are hiking and will walk right in front of me and look up as if to encourage me for a photo op? Sometimes I actually hate my blog cause sometimes, I just want to hike or walk without worrying about taking any pictures for it. :)

  12. They love it because of the cardboard packages that come in the mail for them.

    They hate it because they are scared of cameras.

    They love it because I try to come up with interesting treat recipes.

    They hate it because they cannot fit under our new (antique/vintage) desk.

  13. Zoe loves my blog because I’m easier to follow around if I’m in one place (typing). Plenty of space to stretch out under my desk! And she knows she can distract me into playing anytime she wants :->