My Dog Isn’t Spoiled. She Just…

Every so often someone (usually a non-dog person) tells me Honey is spoiled. It always bugs me.

Golden Retriever at the Cape May Ferry Terminal

What? You're not going to lift me up so I can watch the ferry come in?

Honey isn’t spoiled. She just…

  • needs to continually care for her dog fur farm on our furniture.
  • wants to taste our food to make sure it’s not poisoned.
  • knows we’ll never be fully comfortable on the bed if we can move our arms and legs freely.
  • assumes that an hour-long session of tug or fetch will keep us from getting arthritis as we age.
  • barks at random during the most exciting part of a movie to test our hearing.
  • knows that chewed up cardboard boxes are more easily recycled into new products.
  • feels she can do a better job than any bus boy to clear food from under a restaurant table.
  • understands that if aliens try to pull me into their space ship, she’ll have a better chance of keeping me down if she’s already sitting on my lap.
  • forces me to go for a walk while I’m on the computer so I don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • wants to greet every person who walks by so I have the optimal number of social interactions to keep me mentally and physically healthy.
  • licks my yogurt cup out so I don’t waste precious water cleaning it for the recycling bin.
  • knows meat isn’t good for humans to eat.

What can I say? She gives and she gives and she gives. No one has ever had such a self-less doggy.

Pamela’s not competitive. She just…

hates to lose. 

Golden Retriever at Sunset Beach

It sure was nice of them to put up that sign at this dog-friendly beach, just for me.

The Go Pet Friendly blog is running some fun competitions. In their usual Friday Pet Photo Challenge, if you can tell where Ty and Buster are posing, you might win a Go Pet Friendly calendar. I have mine and it’s adorable. There’s nothing more fun than turning a new month to see where Ty and Buster have been.

But Go Pet Friendly is also hosting their unique version of March Madness brackets—the Best City for Pet Travelers competition.

If you feel left out this time of year as your office becomes insane with college basketball, you can cast your votes for the best pet-friendly cities to visit. I had a fabulous time listening to my husband’s quirky impressions of places he’s never visited (just what do you have against California, anyway? It’s a gorgeous, diverse state.)

I’ve nominated Cape May, New Jersey and am in a hot competition against Boise, Idaho. Yes, North America’s oldest seaside resort is going head to head with the home of the Taco Bell Arena (yawn!). I bet they don’t even allow dogs into the arena. Yo quiero Taco Bell Arena anyone?

Golden Retriever on Beach Avenue in Cape May, NJ

Ok, enough architecture. Let's go dig at the beach.

So if you

  • love a temperate seaside resort with loads of outdoor, pet-friendly dining
  • or are at least mildly curious about what kind of trash talk Pamela can unleash in this competition (Mr. Steve D. who nominated Boise, you rub puppies’ fur the wrong way)

then head over to the brackets now and vote for Cape May, NJ against Boise, ID in round one of the Best Cities for Pet-Friendly Travelers brackets. But hurry. First round voting ends Sunday, March 18.

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  1. Many people don’t understand how totally considerate dogs are of our needs. Honey has an excellent grasp of your comfort and need for protection. She really should write a manual.

  2. I should be in tip top shape as I always have someone to walk with me. Spoiled? Only by keeping your heart, head and body healthy! Go, Honey!

  3. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:

    California. Los Angeles and San Diego to the south. San Francisco and Oakland to the north. Mountains to the east. . . the Pacific to the west. . . legendary beaches and national forests strung out along the coastline like jewels in the necklace that is the fabled Highway 1. And, one suspects, wine everywhere.

    So what do I have against California? Simple. I’m not there.

  4. Nto spoiled at all! These things are very valid, and it’s considerate of her!

  5. That “spoiled” phrase is a pet peeve of mine also. Really? And that’s a problem because…..? It’s a judgmental comment that means you think I don’t teach my dogs discipline. And that is simply not the case.

  6. Great post!!

  7. I was foing to say that Honey is not spoiled, but rather, well-loved, but not I think it may be you and your husband who are well-lived. Just look at how well she takes care if you two!

  8. You are very fortunate to share your home with such a selfless girl. I’m glad that I found out about this giving girl through the blog hop :-)

  9. I totally voted for Cape May when I put in my votes yesterday, so don’t worry. I’ve never thought of travelling to New Jersey before until I heard about how great that spot was for dogs. It made me want to plan a road trip to the US – something that doesn’t happen very often!

    By the way, Honey is so totally not spoiled. From where she stands, I am sure she thinks she has it pretty hard. I mean, when was the last time you gave her a treat? I’m betting it was more than ten seconds ago… Poor puppy. 😉

    • Thanks for voting. Maybe Cape May will make it through the first round. However, I think Austin, TX has it in the bag for winner.

      Maybe Amy needs to start a bracket next year that will pit Canada against the U.S. for most dog friendly. I’ll get busy on my trash talk. :)

      I think it’s funny that you rarely consider a U.S. road trip. The Canadian border is so close to me that I feel we should spend more time there then we do. Of course, any Canadians watching news of the U.S. would be rightfully worried that we might confiscate birth control at the border and require someone to sign a statement of (Christian) faith. :)

      • I am sure. Austin seems to be the place to be if you have a dog.

        Heh, I’d love a US vs. Canada challenge. Though I fear we’d lose due to lack of numbers. There just don’t seem to be nearly as many Canadian pet bloggers. Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places?

        When I lived in southern Alberta the US border was very close and I went shopping in Montana all the time. Nova Scotia doesn’t border much of anything (sorry New Brunswick…) and now that the Maine ferry is closed down the States seem so far away. It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth visiting, not by a long shot, it just seems like work. Especially since my passport is long expired! I really need to get on that…

  10. We have a beach house 20 miles north of Cape May NJ in Ocean City. Everything they say about Cape May and it’s respect for dogs is true. Really a fun place to be with your furbaby.

    • I’ve also enjoyed many happy times in Ocean City. We’ll often bypass Wildwood for OC when we want to enjoy boardwalk fun. Ocean City is a lovely town.

      BTW, when you tell people you’re heading to the Jersey Shore for the weekend, do you have to say, “No, not that Jersey Shore.”?

  11. Ha!Ha! Fred and Gloria aren`t spoiled either1 They`re just always thinking of us!! LOL! Happy Patty’s Day!

  12. LOL. My dog isn’t spoiled either.

  13. If I vote for you, do I get to put on a pretentious, half yankee/half english accent and scrunch up my nose as I proclaim “Goodness, no one stays in the city during the summer. Everyone in the know simply must summer at the Cape.” ‘Cause I will. Frequently.

    People often claim Kolchak is spoiled. WHAT?! Never… LOL. When I feel particularly catty & offended, I softly tell them it must be very hard for them to know that I treat my dogs better than they treat their children ;0) On the good days, I suggest that perhaps they could be one of my dogs in their next life, but it would mean they had to obey my every command.

    • Oh, Jodi, I certainly hope you will. And post a video tape of it on your blog. :)

      As for spoiling, I don’t think the world is suffering because any creature is being treated too well. We need a whole lot more spoiling going on.

  14. Spoiled? That all sounds normal to me…

  15. I did vote for Cape May, but in general I tend to think the western cities are more dog friendly.

    My mother says, she would like to come back as one of my dogs. :-) I like to give my dogs whatever I can because I know what they give me. :-)

    If everyone were kinder in general what a nice place this world would be.

    • Thanks for the vote, Jodi.

      And you’re probably right in general about the west being more dog friendly. I think less congestion and warm temps go hand in hand to create the most dog friendly places.

      I wouldn’t mind coming back as one of your dogs either. But I can’t guarantee I’d sit on my bed while you ate dinner. :) As Honey would say, “someone’s gotta supervise the dinner.”

  16. Honey really might be the most considerate dog ever! What a girl! Several of those really had me giggling!

    I voted for Cape May already! There are lots of great pet friendly places out that way.

  17. My question back to anyone that commented on how spoiled Honey is would be, “What human could resist that cuteness?!?” And honestly, she is only doing these things out of love and devotion – she really is the perfect dog.

    I love your very creative “trash talking!” – I’m hoping Cape May makes it to the next round just to see what you come up with next! =D Bring on Sonoma, CA!!

  18. Spoiled, pshaw. I don’t buy it!

    And I use doggie “prewash” too–great for recyclables, dinner dishes, pots and pans….

  19. this was so cute! i am with you 100%.

    i am somewhat sad that saratoga springs is out of the running, but i’m also somewhat happy i don’t have to endure your smack talk against it now. 😉 we love saratoga!


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