My Dog Is A… On Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I argued that my dog is not a wolf.

But there are plenty of other animals she does resemble.

Like a bear

Honey the golden retriever sleeps in.

Shhhh, I’m hibernating.

Or a bird…

Golden Retriever playing fetch on the beach

Up, up, and away.

Or a shark…

Golden Retriver playing with her ring toy

And the shark has, great big teeth, yeah. And she keeps them, pearly white…

Or a mountain goat…

Honey the golden retriever poses on a hill of mulch.

Hurry up and take your picture. I’m starting to get a nosebleed from the height.

Or even a pill bug.

Honey the golden retriever curls up like a pill bug.

Don’t “bug” me.

What animal imitations does your dog do?

A Community Of Bloggers

There’s a flock of sheep, a murder of crows, and a herd of horses.

What do you call a group of pet bloggers? A community.

And this week sees the end of one community event, the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, and the start of another.

Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange BadgeAll the posts are up sharing compliments and encouragement. Click the badge to find them all.

I just wanted to give a shout out to two bloggers who were unable to join the fun because life got in the way.

Cheri of The Cats of Wildcat Woods has been nursing two sick cats lately: Georgie whose diabetes is taking some work to manage and Snowball who has a painful, chronic digestive problem.

Beth of The Daily Dog Tag has been busy caring for her sick dad lately. I shared how much I adore The Daily Dog Tag at last year’s Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange.

Let’s keep the gift-giving spirit alive. Why not stop by and leave an encouraging comment for Cheri and Beth on their blogs?

Pet Blogger’s Challenge

Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly is bringing back the 5th Annual Pet Blogger’s Challenge.

If you’ve missed the Pet Blogger’s Challenge before (and where have you been? under a rock?) this is a chance for you to get to know the person behind the blog, not just the kitty, dog, ferret, guinea pig, bird… well, you know.

Everyone who joins will answer some questions about themselves and post it to a linky list this Saturday so we can be nosy about the crazy people who spend hours each week writing stuff to amuse, instruct, and inspire us all.

So join the fun. Meet some new friends. Find out what makes your favorite bloggers tick.

Pet Blogger Challenge Jan. 10

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.

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  1. We are in for Saturday…Mom and I have been working on those tough questions the past few days! Mom says I resemble a clown, but that isn’t really an animal 😉

  2. haha! love the shark one especially!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. I have some shark/mountain goat/pill bug crosses over here 😉

  4. Honey is a true chameleon. And a cute fuzzy one at that.

  5. My guys tend to imitate inanimate objects more….garbage disposal, security system, lawn sprinkler, alarm clock…….

  6. I call my dogs land sharks, the way they silently swim around us. I have a very similar picture of Isis with one of those circular Tuff toys… ours is pink and we call it the Donut.

  7. Haha, very nice animal imitations! Our boy Buzz does a great K9 version of Superman whenever he sleeps on his back with his front right or left leg extended out! We call it “The SuperBuzz”!

  8. great impressions!

  9. The animal we most often call Rita is “Bunny” cuz she hops like one when she runs. (Although she hates carrots.)

    Sorry to have missed the PBGE. I was crazy busy before/during the holidays and didn’t realize we could do a post post-NY’s. Next year! But I’m hoping to join in on Sat. Gotta get my answers together!

  10. LOL!! Cute pictures!! 😀 I love the shark one!!!

  11. Very very cute Pamela…Love the shark photo. :-)

  12. You look a lot like me in these photos! So cute if I do say so myself!

  13. I’ve heard the ‘is your dog a wolf?’ before. Pretty silly, considering. Love the animal comparisons though!

  14. Oh I am definitely familiar with the land shark bit over here! Too cute!

  15. She is a cute goat/bear/shark/pillbug!!

  16. My post for the challenge is already written! lol

    We often refer to the Greyhounds as cats in dogs’ bodies. Certain hounds have also been compared to mules, for several reasons.

  17. There is no question in my mind about his,,,,Whenever someone asks you, “What kind of dog is she ?,,,,,you should always answer,,,”a pretty dog” !

  18. What an adorable shark