Mutt Romney vs. Bark Obama

Nothing makes me feel better about not having a television than the presidential elections.

Attack ads for both sides insult the intelligence of informed, thinking people of any political persuasion. The arguments are so ridiculous, they could almost have been written by dogs.

Now that would be crazy. Or would it?

The crazy thing? It’s hard to tell the difference between the dog ads and the real thing, isn’t it?

Do you find the competition compelling? Or are you sick of the whole thing? And if you’re not American, can you give us some tips? We still have 4 more days of acrimony to endure.

Honey the Golden Retriever Sniffs Out the Election

C’mon, Honey. Find the election. Just follow the scent of B.S. and money.

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  1. Thanks for the Friday morning laugh! I AM sick of the whole thing but it is a necessary evil!

  2. I’m so tired of it. Not only do we have the Obama/Romney thing going on, we also have a hotly coveted senate seat. Linda McMahon (of WWE fame) and Chris Murphy. I’m so sick of them if I saw them on the street I’d probably trip them.

    I would love to see the derogatory ads from dogs, could you see them?

    He stole a bone off the table.

    She had an illegitimate litter of puppies.

    LOL thanks for the laugh Pamela.

  3. This is hilarious! The candidates are much more attractive in the pet elections too, I might add. With all that cuteness, I didn’t even mind the trash talk. Perhaps human elections should consider including a dog or two.

    The American elections just seem to go on forever. I have been hearing about it on Canadian news for at least a year. I used to watch the US debates but I just got angry and frustrated because there is nothing I can do about the outcome. So now I just do my best to tune it out and we all stay a little more sane as a result.

  4. Oh ya, I’m completely sick of it all. We are going to vote today to beat the crowd.

  5. hahaha…luv that first line: Nothing makes me feel better about not having a television than the presidential elections. LOL!
    I am so so sick of it all. It’s all whatever they want you to hear, spun until the truth is nowhere to be found. The dogs would definitely do a better job of it!

  6. I LOVE the video! Thanks for sharing it this morning! I sometimes wish we didn’t have a tv because it seems to be on 24/7 whenever my hubby’s home and it just grates on my last nerve after a while. Honey is a lucky dog having such a good, dedicated pet mom!!

  7. Oh my Dog! That was hilarious!

  8. I’m so sick of it all too. I voted by mail early. I wish there was a way to “opt out” of the ads (the mute button works!) and all the junk mail!
    Funny video! Buttsniffers Reform Party. Now that’s a party Rita can get behind!! (heehee)

  9. It sounds like all your readers are sick of it LOL.

    I actually enjoyed watching the debates and will probably follow the count. From far away, with no direct participation, the whole process intrigues me in the way a public flogging would. I was kind of hoping BO would just leave the other guy to carry on with the campaigning while he took care of The Aftermath of Sandy but it sounds like they’re both back on the trail. I wish you all the best. Heck, I wish the world the best because whatever you guys decide, it will have an impact on the rest of us. (I got that line from CNN.)

  10. I’m so done with ads… they’re constant. :( I am just ready to get this over with and find out what we’re dealing with for the next 4 years.

  11. I love the new names. I agree. I can’t stand the ads, the lies, and the pasty smiles that are meaningless.

    Tuesday will be scary. Once again we may have a man who wins the popular vote and loses the election because of the Electoral College. Frankly unless you’re in a swing state, your vote won’t make a difference so why should they force us to listen to the ads.

  12. We don’t watch the news or any commercials since we record everything we want to watch and fast forward through the ads. It’s so much nicer that way :)

  13. As an outsider looking in, I can’t believe you let either party run your country! Based on the media and ads they all sound like a bunch of monsters! It’s all we’ve heard for months, even up here! Here is Canada the electoral process is much shorter – no time to switch positions on issues based on the lastest poll results, barely enough time to perfect a smear campaign, not as many foot-in-mouth opportunities. I’m not saying it’s a better way to choose a leader, but it’s certainly a less annoying way to enjoy TV in the evenings!