Meeting Friends Along The Way – Wordless Wednesday

What Honey most loves about being on the boat is the same thing I most love about being on the boat.

It’s meeting friends along the way, like this one.

Honey spots an egret.

I see someone. And they’re getting a snack. I wonder if he’ll share.

As you read this, we’re casting off our lines and heading north. We’ll be back soon with pictures of new friends we’ve met along the way.

Your Turn: What kinds of creatures are most likely to attract your dog’s attention?

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  1. Martine says:

    Duster spotted a deer across the lake last week, but he is more drawn to hares. He’s chased a few, but never caught one.

  2. Have a safe journey!

  3. Gotta be squirrels and wabbits. Birds are simply boring for us.

  4. So cute! Have fun!

  5. Have a safe trip, and hopefully an uneventful one. Uneventful in terms of mishaps and problems, that is! Most of all enjoy! Can I assume from this post that Mike figured out the head issue?

  6. My puppy likes baby rabbits. He tried to adopt one once, actually. Scared the lemon wedges out of me! He picked up a baby rabbit in his mouth and brought it inside with him. He had the whole thing in his mouth so I didn’t realize it until he put it down. The bunny was not hurt at all!! Enjoy your journey!!

  7. Thoughts of smooth sailing coming your way. ღ

  8. Friends with snacks!? They’re the best, lol!

  9. Be safe, and know you’ve got friends here in “Chuck-town” when you return!