Mea Culpa and a Little Treat

Last night I wrote up this morning’s post (Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #5) with the intention of scheduling it to post this morning. Somehow, I mistakenly hit “publish” instead of schedule. Sorry about that.

To make it up to you, I’m posting a cute video of one creature we see a lot at Honey’s favorite vacation spot (and I don’t mean cats; we hardly ever see them.)


See you tomorrow at the blog hop where I’ll post all the clues to Honey’s Holiday Happening and give you one last chance to enter to win an Amazon Gift Card.

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  1. I love watching different species of animals interact. This is so fascinating. The dolphin seems to enjoy petting cats just as much as humans do. It really makes you wonder how much we underestimate their level of awareness. These two very different animals are obviously communicating in some way. I wonder if they have known each other for a long time.

    • I’d guess this kitten grew up around dolphins. This video is from a marine park. And I can’t claim to understand all the emotions of the animals but interest, curiosity, and affection don’t seem to be too much of a stretch.

      BTW, you work up late and still took time to leave a nice comment? My, my, my you are a dedicated blogger/reader. :) I find myself doing the same thing–just one more blog; I can always pedal faster.

  2. Mike Webster says:

    I like the quick replies to the inquiry drifting in from off camera at 0:47, “Who’s harder to train, the cat or the dolphins?”

  3. What an adorable video! That cat certainly has no fear of being out on the water, much less playing kissy-face with the dolphins!

  4. Great video, there’s something heart-warming about animals interacting with each other. AND I love dolphins…

  5. That is so cute! That’s a rather brave little cat!

    I hope everybody else is stumped! I want that gift card! 😛

  6. How awesome! Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves:) What a great demonstration of different species interacting. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. Just when I thought I’d seen it all…and I’m a cat person. It HAS to be the fish breath. :)

  8. How cool! I love an odd animal pairing. :)