Marionette Mutt? Or Puppy Puppet?

Enchanting video found on StumbleUpon.

Great job bringing canine joie de vivre to life.

Can you imagine what your dog would look like as a marionette? Would the strings get tangled beyond all recognition during a round of zoomies? Or does your dog spend too much time sleeping to inspire a really interesting puppet show?

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  1. WOW! That puppeteer is incredibly talented! Wally would play fetch just like that ALL.DAY.LONG. if I didn’t put his ball away. Lu would make a pretty boring puppet show. :p

  2. I would make no money from my puppy show. Although Daisy has a few bouts of zoomies, its mostly a snore fest in my house.

  3. I think my puppet show would turn into a comedy:)

  4. haha–we already get strings tangled all over on every walk! When I walk all 3 of them together, they make a nice macrame out of the leashes. I should sell them at craft fairs.

  5. Yeah, hopefully, someone would help me cut the fishing line from around my calves before it sliced through my flesh. :)

    That was mesmerizing. And BTW, I have a friend who named her cat Joie de Vivre (best name ever). :)

  6. I feel kind of Zen right now after watching this… thanks. I needed that today. :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love how the children all looked so entranced by the show. Trust the young to appreciate the magic the most. :-)

    I don’t think I even need to answer this question. My dog would probably just break her strings and put on her own show.

  8. I watched this a few weeks ago and by the time it finished I’d totally forgotten the puppet wasn’t real. I got as entranced as the little girl:)

    Frankie would probably tangle himself and Beryl up:)

  9. This man obviously understands dogs and how they move and react. I love the play bow, and the way his marionette backs away from the ball. so cute!

  10. I loved how brave the little girl got towards the end :) So sweet!
    Cali would only be interested in performing if their were treats involved!!