Making Money With My Dog

Yesterday we mailed my estimated tax payment. My husband is paying bills as I write. We just put a deposit on a sailing vacation.

Life is expensive. It’s time to figure out how to make money with my dog.

I need to figure out how to make money with my dog.

Money Making Dog

Which of these do you think I should try with Honey?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model – She’s a blonde who’s built like a brick dog house. Who wouldn’t want to see her lounging on the beach in a see-through collar?

Honey the Golden Retriever as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

Is this sultry enough for you?

Voice Actor for Books on Tape – What? Don’t you think dogs like listening to Lassie Come Home too?

Performing Tricks for Tourists – Merengue dog has really stepped up the competition. Honey would probably have to sing and dance to make any real money.

Pizza Delivery Dog – She’s fast. She’s polite. And what’s a little drool between friends?

Honey the golden retriever poses in front of her bike cart.

Delivering your pizza in 30 minutes or less or I guarantee I’ll eat it for you.

Boat Delivery Service – People pay thousands of dollars for someone to deliver their boats to new locations. Think anyone would pay me and Honey to deliver their kayak?

Honey the Golden Retriever is a dog in a kayak.

I said I’d deliver your kayak for you. I didn’t say I’d do the actual paddling.

Housekeeper – Honey would make a great cleaning service. There is not one crumb of food on any floor in my house. Now dog hair? That’s another matter. But hey, it’s so pretty.

Walmart Greeter –  OMD, it’s practically in the golden retriever breed description!

House Painter – Honey always manages to get some paint on her floofie tail while I’m working. Maybe it’s time to go to the next level.

Pet Blogger – Y’know I don’t think all those blogs featuring animals telling their own stories are legit. I bet some sponsor would pay good money for a dog who actually writes about their product in her own words. Now I just have to teach her to type.

Petsitter – Honey has been awesome with the foster dogs in our house. She’d love earning some extra money taking other dogs for walks and making sure they go to bed on time.

Honey the Golden Retriever nibbles Sally.

Listen up. When I say it’s time for a nap, I mean it’s time for a nap.

If anyone one of these works out, Honey could cover the cost of her own food and vet bills. If the right one works out, maybe she’d share some of her earnings with us.

Your Turn: Can you think of any more money-making opportunities for Honey? How about for your own dog?





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  1. Is Honey as good at shredding paper as Bailey? Bailey could easily make money tearing important documents apart.

  2. This post is hilarious!! Noah loves to shred cardboard boxes which makes it easier to put in recycle bin. He could make money shredding boxes for reuse. And, he loves to dig holes in the yard. He could work in landscaping and dig the holes for new plants.

  3. I think walmart greeter is the perfect one. That’s what dogs do!

  4. I suppose you could hire honey out as a personal hot water bottle? Del always sits on my feet and lies against me when I’m in bed, so no need for hot water bottles, electric blankets or central heating!

  5. You could sell her hair (so very Les Mis, no?) to one of those weirdos* who makes sweaters out of dog hair!

    *No offence to anyone reading who might do that, but, seriously. It’s odd.

  6. Emmett would be perfect at cleaning the grease traps at a fast food restaurant. It’s his dream job, really. Our concern for his arteries is the only thing preventing us from letting him apply!

  7. I would mention dishwasher pre-wash, but I’ve already had people turning down my dinner invitations.

  8. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    What about a poop detective? I let Vlad & Barkly walk ahead of me so that they find the neighbor’s dog’s poop and mark it by hiking their legs at it. I’ve stepped in it too many times already–all over our own yard since. I haven’t stepped in it a single time since I started letting them point it out for me.

  9. Our Alfie is a model for his very own range of Entle products that we sell in his shop 🙂 Seriously though – although Honey would be the most gorgeous model ever I think you should have a look at your blog statistics and use some of your most popular blogposts for an e-book! You have some really good stuff in your archives….

  10. Silas would be the perfect guard dog for someone who is VERY paranoid. Guaranteed to keep children off your lawn.

    We could all pool our dog hair and go into the insulation business.

  11. I would actually consider shopping at WalMart if they had GR greeters!

    I turned my last dog’s life into a fictional novel. But it’s not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme! (Although we did hit #1 in the dog books on Amazon yesterday/today! Which I’m convinced is mostly due to her beautiful face on the cover.)

  12. Walmart greeter has my vote! I avoid Walmart when I can, but if Honey was the greeter I’d shop there all the time!

    The problem with putting Maya and Pierson to work is they will only work for kibble. Not much help to me 😉

  13. Well I have my blog and I have my modeling career with Target, but Mom says we still can’t live on what I make, so I don’t know what more I can do except get my book on the best seller list, but I can’t find that list online. If I could find it, I could edit it 😉

  14. Someone above suggested an ebook – might be worth a thought!

  15. margaret petros says:

    For a time I thought Abby somehow attracted money. She found a $50.00 bill in a pile of leaves on a walk & a $1.00 bill another time when out for a walk. I thought Wow, she’s paying for her own keep. Unfortunately that was the end of the money “in stream” & as she has grown the money “going out” has grown (as evidenced by two trips to the emergency vet on a sunday (one for getting her lower jaw caught in a circular bone (had to be sedated to have it sawn off) & once for having grabbed a pill that had been dropped on the floor (had to be given activated charcoal)

  16. Love the Sports Illustrated pose! Woo! Woo!

    Cute post. 🙂

  17. I keep thinking I could hire mine out as a get fit aid. Try taking them both on their morning and evening walks, especially when I have to walk them both separately!

  18. Morgan could hang out her shingle as a home security specialist! 😛 The other three would like to be hired as food tasters!

  19. I think the e-book mentioned by others is a great idea! I know I’d buy it!

    As for my 3? Callie and Shadow could be Wal-Mart greeters, too; except that I hate that store, and the corporation and wouldn’t allow my girls to work there. Of course, I could hire them out as a bait-and-switch security team…Callie and Shadow could be the bait and Ducky could bite the intruders’ ankles. LOL

  20. “Y’know I don’t think all those blogs featuring animals telling their own stories are legit.” WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING? That Kolchak T Puggle has engaged the services of a ghost writer? ::gasp:: I could totally rent Felix out for snuggle sessions and Kol is doing pretty good as a website visionary ;0)

  21. Great money making ideas, I love the swimsuit model! Great pics.

  22. I’m going to teach Biddy and Tristan how to spin year out of their own dog hair, I hear it makes lovely sweaters! There was no kidding an actual article in the WSJ a while back about this….I could be a supplier….there is a two month supply waiting for me under the couch now….