Make Adventures Where You Find Them

Everyone wants pictures of Honey on tropical beaches and stories about living the nomadic life. Heck, one of my friends even hopes we’ll meet pirates.

But even if we haven’t moved aboard a sailboat yet, we’re making adventures where we can.

Honey the golden retriever is ready for an adventure.

I’m ready for an adventure. Especially if it means digging on a sandy beach.

Adventures With Bunnies

While we’re searching for the perfect boat, we’re living with my sister in Maryland.

And although it’s only six hours south of where we lived in New York, it’s a whole other world to Honey.

For one thing, my sister’s neighborhood is hopping with bunnies—big bunnies, baby bunnies, truculent bunnies.

Honey the golden retriever stands in front of her temporary house.

The bunnies are hiding or they wouldn’t let me stand here without holding my leash.

Honey obsesses over them. She’s never seen so many bunnies in one place.

And I’ve never seen Honey so aroused by another animal.

Remember, this is the dog who loved the neighborhood cats. And the pup who sat and watched calmly as a rat wandered into the office of our house (not a pet) before wandering down the stairs to look for a snack.

But I’m careful to always have Honey on leash when the bunnies are most active. Because she would chase them.

I’m starting to think they’re hypnotizing her to lure her into some secret bunny trap.

And I’m really wondering what she’s going to do the first time we meet dolphins on our boat.

Adventures In Babysitting

Honey has a pair of guinea pig cousins.

The first time she met them, she found them nearly as exciting as the bunnies. But since then, they’ve all gotten used to each other.

Honey likes to wander into the bedroom and lie down near their cage (probably because their room is kept air-conditioned).

Honey the golden retriever naps with Mike.

Between Mike and Bear, this bed is pretty crowded. Maybe I’ll go take my nap with the guinea pigs.

Sorry, no pictures yet. The piggies are shy of new people and I don’t want to mess up the progress I’ve made gaining their trust by putting a flashy bulb in their faces.

One of the pigs was supposedly found walking down the side of a busy road in New Jersey (enough to scare even the bravest creature) so it’s no wonder she takes a while to warm up to new people and situations.

My sister and her husband are going on vacation soon and we’ll be babysitting the piggies.

Honey likes to do her part by snarfing up any little piggie pellets her cousins leave behind after their out-of-cage exercise sessions. My adventure will be trying to sweep them up ahead of Honey.

They may not be pirates but I’m sure the guinea pigs will be quite entertaining to babysit.

Adventures In Boat Buying

For those who asked, yes the boat in yesterday’s picture post is the leading contender to become our new home.

We’re waiting for the owners to respond to our offer. And if we can come to terms, our next step will be scheduling a marine survey (sort of like a longer, more expensive home inspection).

I know that to our readers who love reading adventure stories the boat search must seem long and boring.

Inside of a Pacific Seacraft 34.

A sneak preview of what we hope will be our new home.

But believe me, deciding which boat to buy, budgeting for repairs (there are always repairs), and anticipating taking her off the dock are plenty exciting to us.

Most exciting is anticipating how Honey will take to our new home.

I know she’ll love living in close quarters with us. This is the dog who likes to cuddle even on days with temperatures in the 90s F (30s C) and humidity levels over 70%.

I suspect she’ll be excited to see her first dolphins and love the smells on the offshore breezes.

But everything else is just an adventure in the making. Just like every little adventure we’ve had so far.

Honey the golden retriever with a glass ball.

What adventures are in my future? I’ll check my crystal ball–right after I stare down this bunny.

Your Turn: What everyday adventures do your dogs love the most?





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  1. Martine says:

    As it so happens, we live in the woods, and there are a couple bunnies living right near us this year. Duster loves to chase the bunnies. We try to avoid it happening, but sometimes we’re too slow. We are not worried, though, Duster will never catch a bunny. He is just not fast or agile enough through the underbrush. Zach’s idea of an adventure is finding a new smell while on our walk, or rolling in the grass.

    Good luck with

    • Martine says:

      Ooops! Good luck with the boat deal. Hope it all works out for you.

    • Honey likes both Duster and Zach’s ideas of adventure. Rolling in the grass is usually her favorite thing to do. But this bunny obsession is going to kill me.

      And thanks for the luck. We’ll need it.

  2. I hope you can make this work so you can start living your dream. The whole idea freaks me out, but I can’t wait to see where you guys go.

  3. Sounds like the guinea-pig sitting will be an adventure all by itself! Especially for the humans! You’ll be able to read a all about Ducky’s latest “adventure” in the FitDog Friday blog hop later. (I have to write and publish it first. After breakfast.)

  4. Oh! I nearly forgot to mention it, but…

    Hope the boat’s current owners accept your offer and that the marine survey goes well!! I can’t see my landlubber crew living on a boat; but I know you’ve been waiting a long time to make this dream a reality. Best wishes!!

    • Unfortunately the guinea pig sitting is mostly an adventure for the piggles. They’re pretty shy girls and they’re very afraid of me.

      And thanks for the good luck. we need all we can get.

  5. A new smell on an evening walk is about the most excitement we have. Unfortunately I can’t join in the discovery with my human sense of smell.

  6. I get so excited when you “leak” a little sumpin-sumpin” about a boat and share a photo or two. You would think I was going with you!

    • Because you obviously don’t have enough adventures on your own plate with raising a puppy, planning a wedding, and preparing to move. 😉

      Let’s hope we sail into Charleston harbor someday and can set up a dog-friendly cruise.

  7. Honey just better have a little umbrella in her water bowl when you hit the Caribbean!

  8. Crossing my fingers your offer gets accepted and you’re that much closer to hitting the waves. I just had an offer accepted for an RV and it’s such a relief (although there is a little back-and-forth-doubting about whether it was the right decision.)

    • Congratulations, Leah, on this next big step. Hope you just feel more and more certain you made the right decision.

      I can certainly identify myself.

  9. Melissa says:

    It’s a good thing that Bailey and copper are not with you too because there would be no space for the humans at all, lol.

    I am so excited for you embarking on a new chapter in your lives. Once you are on board your new floating home if you come this way I might sail away with you just for a while minus my two furry friends.

    • C’mon, Bailey can fit anywhere. :)

      And if we find ourself approaching Boston harbor, we’ll definitely get in touch.

  10. It sounds like you’re getting closer to the big adventure!
    Lately here it’s been the deer going through the lower yard. One dog will smell them, start barking, then they’ll all start barking and have to go running outside. Luke especially will run back and forth along the fence trying to figure out where they are. They really seem to enjoy it!

    • I wonder what the deer think? They obviously don’t mind the dogs too much or they’d change their route to a yard with fewer barkers.

  11. Sam gets very intrigued with bunnies too. Could care less about the jillion squirrels in our neighborhood but when we go to my parents, his nose goes insane with trailing bunny tracks. Have fun at the shore and enjoy our ‘cousins.’ :)

    • Honey is so calm with most other animals I’m starting to wonder what kind of smell these bunnies put off. Could you ask Sam when you get a chance? Because Honey isn’t talking.

  12. I’ve never had piggie pellets. I wonder if they’re as tasty as the pellets that rabbits leave behind?

  13. It is odd to me how dogs can acclimate to one animal but not another. Like if there is a cat living with us the dogs mostly ignore it, but when they see one outside, they want to chase it. LOL

    As for our adventures it would have to be their walks, we rarely have any other kind of adventure. Looking forward to sailing stories, congrats on your new home~