Lyrical Wordless Wednesday – To All the Dogs I’ve Loved Before

Agatha and Christie

To all the dogs I’ve loved before
Who’ve pooped and peed all o’er my floor
I’m glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the dogs I’ve loved before


To all the dogs I once harnessed
And took for walks in wet darkness
While playing in the snow
Your cuteness seemed to grow
To all the dogs I’ve loved before


The winds of change are always blowing
Oh how I wish you all could stay
The winds of change continue blowing
I love each one of you always

Don’t know the original song? You’ll find it here.

Making Time to Blog

BlogPaws 2012 is coming up fast. I’ll be presenting a talk on Making Time to Blog. Yes, I’m teaching the workshop I most need to take. Hopefully, I’m not the only one with too much to do and too little time because I’d hate to stand at the front of an empty room.

Check out Carol Bryant’s interview with me. And yes, there is still time to register at a discount until June 5. Use the discount code BlogPaws2012-Speaker-Webster-20 to get an extra 20% off the price of registering.

So tell me what to expect. Am I the only person struggling to keep up with blogging tasks while trying to do right by my work and human/canine family? Or am I just one more face in the crowd?
Hop on…

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  1. Lord Pamela, this is the class I need to take the most. Some days I just feel totally overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do. Trying to write a daily blog that has some type of content, answering comments, reading and posting on other blogs. I wish I could figure out a way to get paid for it all.

    I’m lucky my job gives me some free time to do some of this, but I admit it takes a lot. I’m interested to hear what you come up with. Good luck, I’m off to read your interview!

  2. You are definitely not alone! I think we all struggle with time in some respect. When I read the subject of your session, knowing how much you have going on in your life, I couldn’t think of a better person to lead such a discussion. I don’t know how you do it all. One of the main reasons I am sorry I have other obligations is because I don’t want to miss out on all the information you are sure to provide. I have my fingers crossed your session will be recorded!

    Love the song, by the way. It was hard not to sing along. :-)

  3. Obviously, I love today’s lyrical interlude. I’ve always loved that song – you’ve managed to make me both smile and be a little teary! You can’t go wrong with the Red Headed Stranger.

    I wish I was going to be at BlogPaws – I totally need this class as well. I’ve felt so overwhelmed lately, yet for some reason I keep taking on more, both in the blogging arena and in the rest of my life. I like taking on more blogging responsibilities, as I truly do enjoy it – but I wish the rest of my life would calm down and let me enjoy it.

  4. Very nice tribute!!! :0)

  5. I’m sure you’ll do great. Some of the worst workshops I’ve attended were led by people who thought they had all the answers. I would much prefer a leader who admitted she didn’t know everything and allowed the audience to explore the topic.

  6. I much prefer your version of the song!

  7. Woof! Woof! Happy WW! Golden Thanks for sharing.
    We had to give away our BlogPaws ticket. Good Luck! YES Time … now we are in a different time zone, been busy and been behind on reading/commenting. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  8. First of all, that’s a rhetorical question right? I expect people will have to take a number for your session and they might have to erect big screens outside as well. You tell ’em Pamela! Then, please post your speech so those of us across the big pond can also learn how to have 48 hours in a day and grow 2 heads and pairs of hands as well.

    I just got up, you know. And now you made me cry. The dogs we’ve loved are never really gone. Big hugs from your friend with the brown paper bag over her one head, The Typist x

  9. Oh, I look at the boxes and boxes of ashes I have over the years of dogs not adopted but well loved and dying here. What a lovely, sweet tribute to your dogs – and all dogs. I utterly need to hear your speech as I’ve let myself be overwhelmed with other things and my blogs are on the back burners :(. Have a great time.

  10. Such a nice tribute … this version of the song is much better in my opinion.

    I’ve always wondered how you manage to get it all done … and now you’re adding “Prepare Presentation” to the list! I wish were going to be there to get your tips! It always feels like I’m juggling to keep all the balls in the air – and one is usually on it’s way to the floor.

  11. Very beautiful tribute!

    Blog Paws is going to be awesome and I’m certain you’ll be a hit. Can’t wait for your recap.

  12. Free at last, I have been singing his version out loud the whole day. Best song I ever heard :)

  13. I love that song! Thank you for a good giggle tonight!

    I promise I’ll come and hear your presentation! 😉 I’m feeling a bit of pressure to find time for everything here at the end of the school year, too!