Love the Pup You're With – part 3

Honey’s breeder made a very good recommendation. Of the two pups we could choose in the litter, the breeder recommended the more mellow pup. She turned out to be absolutely right.

People who have goldens come up to us in the street and tell us how calm and self-assured Honey is for her age. Many say they have never seen such a calm and well-behaved pup.

I wish I could take credit for it.

We’re working on impulse control. Most notably, we’re working to keep Honey from pulling excitedly every time she sees a child (her favorite people in the world). But she’s basically just a calm and secure dog. Yes, she was well-socialized by her breeder. And yes, we exposed her to many different people and things. But deeper than that, I think Honey is just showing her personality.

I have some expectations for Honey. But I’m trying to keep them to myself for now. I want to see how she turns out. It’s time to be patient, let her grow up a little, and see where Honey takes us.

Uh oh! Honey's figured out how to get onto the couch. No one is safe.

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