Look What Came In Through the Cat Door – Friday Funnies

Golden Retriever on the beach

I hear someone is spreading the rumor that Honey makes one fat. If I catch that Winnie person, there’s gonna be trouble.

I’ve read all kinds of stories lately about strange critters that find their way into houses through unsecure cat doors. But I didn’t read anything that equalled what happened to my neighbor in Philadelphia.

Officer, I Found Something Stuck in My Cat Door

I lived in Philadelphia just as crack made its way into the neighborhoods. Yes, there’s a lot of hysteria about crack cocaine.

But it is true that its addicts lost all sense of proportion in their desperation to supply their habit.

The best example came from my neighbor who had to replace his cat door. He arrived home to find a stranger wedged partially through the flap. I think the guy got his head and one shoulder into the house before finding himself stuck.

To hear my neighbor tell the tale, it wasn’t nearly as charming as Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit’s front door after eating too much honey.

What the Cat Dragged In

I found this terrific video at the blog for SureFlap Microchip Pet Flaps.

Apparently, Dennis is a famous cat burglar. So famous that he helped raise enough money for Homeless Cat Rescue of Bedfordshire, England to buy a microchip scanner.

See what the closed caption camera in his neighborhood captured:

Who Lets the Dog Out

And, because we are a dog blog, we need to give a dog the last word. And Dexter of Dexter’s Ruff Life usually has plenty of them.

Somehow, I think that if Dexter had a doggy door, he wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. Do you?

Pet Flap Inspiration

I set out exploring Pet Doors when SureFlap asked me to promote their contest to name their new dog mascot. It’s been a long, strange trip. So let’s get to the fun news.

From now through August 17, you can enter to win a custom portrait of your dog by sharing the name of the dog who most inspires you.

Either click the terrier on the right side of the blog or go here to enter the contest.

Good luck!

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  1. That Dexter video is hysterical.

    My sis had a racoon come in through the cat door. Better than a burglar I guess!

    • I could imagine a raccoon doing a lot more damage than a burglar. We’ve had burglars come and go so quietly we didn’t know they had been there until we found things missing. But I doubt a raccoon would be so polite. :)

  2. LOL – agreed with Jackie – that Dexter video is a riot!

  3. Oh how I love little Dexter! That little kitty burglar was too cute too :) Our friend had a kitty door but his cat used to bring in little birds and mice . .it was NOT good!

  4. Oh, that Dexter video cracks me up! That’s about how it would be at our house, too! And the cat burglar is hysterical. I can’t imagine having all that strange stuff showing up at the house with no idea where it came from!

  5. Loved the dog video, it was so adorable. Half the time I couldn’t figure out just what the cat was bringing in! I wondered where did the cat leave all the stuff he brought inside, I wonder if that’s why the guy put up a camera! LOL

    • I get the feeling, Jodi, that the surveillance camera was already there. Britain has them everywhere!

      But I wonder how long it took the family to realize what the cat was up to. :)

  6. Those videos are hilarious; leave it to Dexter! and where, oh, where did those cats find all that stuff? HA.

  7. Dexter always cracks me up. That was hilarious! I also loved the cat. Is this the same cat that was stealing bras, underwear and socks in one neighborhood? I didn’t know she was stealing packages too! I was amazed at how she figured out how to get that one through the door!

  8. I’d rather have a cat that brought home miscellaneous clothing articles than things it has caught though:) I wonder if the owners ever returned any of the missing articles?

    A person wouldn’t have to be very thin to get through a Greyhound size dog door, I’ve managed to get through Beryl’s and I’m no Twiggy. But I don’t think anyone else has ever tried. I guess just looking at the size of the hole could be a deterrent to a potential burglar:)

    Lol at Dexter. He’s a funny boy.

  9. That would seem like a pretty desperate move by a crack addict but since living in an area heavily affected buy drugs, that is nothing. It’s pretty damn hilarious though. It would have made me sad for the state of that person but I don’t think I could have stopped laughing :)

  10. Great videos – I was cracking up. :)