Loneliness of the Dog Distance Runner – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever is my running coach.

She chooses the route, sets the pace, and creates stinky weights for my pockets to increase the effort. Yep, best running coach ever.

As we ran along the lake edge, we couldn’t help but think of the Boston runners and citizens who were injured, both physically and emotionally, earlier this week.

We also thought of the people for whom terror is not an occasional, shocking event but part of their daily lives. And prayed for peace.

Your Turn: What goes through your mind when you’re exercising with your dog?
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  1. I appreciate your second thought. I think of that too, and all the nameless people who have been and are being killed as collateral damage all over the world. I didn’t think that while exercising Georgia though. When I’m out with Georgia, I mostly think about what she will find to eat and if it’ll give her a bad tum.

  2. Bravo! Well said. We are thinking of you all. We have our marathon on Sunday and we are sure London will turn out in support. We as a city have lived through the Blitz and the IRA so we understand.
    best wishes Molly

  3. I am thinking “I hope they don’t see that squirrel.”

  4. Well said – it’s a scary world our children are growing up in. What do I think about when out for a run with my dogs? Usually, I’m wondering what they’re thinking, how they’re seeing the world. I think I almost see the world through their eyes on a walk or run. Occasionally, I’ll start thinking ‘I can’t wait to get home, so I can watch that TV show/cook dinner/read that book’ etc.

  5. Very true. I am still amazed at mans inhumanity to man.

  6. Running or walking with your dog is a great time to work through feelings and emotions, pray, cry, talk to yourself (if you’re not in a public place), or whatever needs to be done.

  7. Pudel Mom says:

    Usually what I’m thinking is what an absolutely beautiful part of the world we live in – particularly true as we (sort of) begin to move towards summer. The Morning Walk (2-4 miles) is very often the high point of my day, and if I’m cranky when we start I’m invariably level or high by the time we get home. This week, unfortunately, I’m being interrupted by fits of tears. Luckily the dogs haven’t noticed, though they are helpful when it happens at home.

  8. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    What goes through my mind when I’m exercising with my dog(s)? Usually how beautiful a day it is, or did they see the squirrel, or oh geez, I shafts get back to my studying. BUT those folks up in Boston have been in my thoughts and prayers almost constantly since Monday afternoon.

  9. Why are some people so inhumane? I’m from NYC, so my mind went to the World Trade in 2001.

  10. Love your title.

    I try to keep my mind as clear and free from human thoughts as possible. I think there would be less evil in the world if more people walked dogs.

  11. Such a gorgeous picture and, if I were running, exactly the coach that would motivate me. So sad for the runners in Boston. What a very frightening world we live in.

  12. What happened in Boston is awful. I wish we could find a way to end the horrible violence in this world.

    When I’m walking the dogs I’m usually thinking about a blog post or paying attention to something they’re doing that I can write about. Sometimes I’m thinking of book plots. :-)

  13. There are just too many sick, crazy people in the world who like to inflict their pain on everyone else. It’s sad when you always have to be watching over your shoulder (so to speak).

    What do I think about when exercising Sage? Generally, it’s about training reinforcement if we’re out in the neighborhood. If we’re someplace where she can run, I enjoy watching her racing through the meadow, swimming in the river and just having fun.

  14. Woof! Woof! Yes absolutely and irreplaceable too.. We thought of them too after our morning run … Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. It’s your second thought that has me. For so many what happened in Boston is every day life. And that is sad.

    When I’m walking the dogs, I write in my head what they are doing and what they might be thinking, trying to capture every moment with my computer brain. :)

  16. Running/walking with the dogs is my ‘process’ time. I think through issue, talk over work-related problems with my husband or just try to think through my daily schedule. Sometimes it’s more thoughtful than others, sometimes its just watching for the coyote and horse poop distractions and keeping the dogs away from them!

  17. I will never understand why people do such terrible things to each other.
    As for what I think while exercising with Rita, it’s usually something along the lines of “I wish I was enjoying this as much as your are.” Or “I wish I had your energy!”

  18. Usually when I am walking the dogs I am writing my next blog post in my head! Or scheduling the rest of my day.
    Very thoughtful post, Pamela, I think all of us can’t stop thinking about all the awful things that happen in this world….and pray for peace for everyone.

  19. We don’t get much exercise now, but we do mosey around the neighborhood :) It’s always been a good time for reflection and clearing my head. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Boston and all of the other senseless acts of violence, but I have been trying to remind myself that there are more good people than bad people.

  20. A good prayer to make. So sad over how many innocent people have been hurt. So many children. I imagine many a runner had similar thoughts on their first run after what happened in Boston. Thank goodness dogs are there in times like these.

  21. Did I remember the poo bags? Did I remember the poo bas? Did I remember…

  22. I can say that both everything and nothing goes through my head when I am running. When I first start out there is a period where I contemplate the important, trying or difficult thing of the day/week on my mind. Maybe it is the fresh air and the blood pumping but my thoughts are so much clearer and I usually come up with one or two genius/perfect resolutions to my questions. Then, when I am getting tired, running becomes more meditative. The thoughts usually leave my brain and are replaced with focus on pushing my body past the “hey, let’s just go ahead and stop” urge. I hear my breathing, count my footsteps and dig deep for the commitment I need to keep going. Running is always as good for the mind as well as the physical for me.

    Don’t ask me what Gretel is thinking :)

  23. I’m not sure I’ll ever run again without thinking of the runners and spectators in Boston. Usually, I just think of pressing on, trying harder, doing better. Now I find myself thinking of a goal I will never achieve and how hard some people worked for it. People who will never have opportunity again to do what I take for granted.

  24. So beautifully put – thanks!