Let Us Now Praise Naked Dogs – Tue Cute Tuesday

Halloween is over.

That means I have nearly a month to enjoy canine nudity before the Santa hats and elf costumes make their appearances.

Golden Retriever with Halloween decor

If I was dressed up for Halloween, no one would be able to find me in all the clutter.

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  1. With all of the tags that Elka has on her collar, she jangles like a reindeer! I’ve thought about getting her a pair of horns.

    • Somehow I doubt Elka would be very happy sporting horns. But if you got a picture of it, send it along. :)

    • I’m not going to lie… the one time I dress Bella up is when I make her take a photo for our Christmas card. Your comment may offer a hint to her outfit this year… :)

  2. Woot! Bring on the pre-Christmas canine nudity! 😉

  3. I like my dogs nekkid all year ’round. The whole point is accessible softness to cuddle. (Maybe I’d feel differently if I had a Mexican hairless.)

    • I’m with you. And yeah, a hairless dog would probably need a coat for warmth. But they are surprisingly soft and cuddly. I was amazed the first time I pet one and found he was very soft.

  4. Ha ha ha! So true! But think of the awkwardness you’re missing!

    I’m sorry, but I had to say it!

  5. Part of me wishes we made a big fuss of Halloween here so I could dress the kids up because it was fun seeing everyone else’s dogs in costume. But we do have Christmas and I can’t see the point in getting Beryl a Christmas collar that’s only going to be worn for a week per year. I’m so boring and practical.

    • Be careful what you wish for. I live on the biggest Halloween street in the area and we gave away over 600 pieces of candy before running out at 7:30. We had to put up a sign because kids were still coming to the door with the lights off.

      We get so many children at one time I don’t even recognize friends because they go by in a blur.

      So if you ever make it to the US, come on Halloween and I’ll give you your fill.

      As for a Christmas collar–couldn’t you tie a simple bow around Beryl’s neck and be economical and pretty? :)