Lap Dog

Golden Retriever Puppy



Golden Retriever sitting on Mike's lap

And Now - A Total Eclipse of the Mike


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  1. Oh dear :) Once a dog discovers a lap, it never forgets, however big it gets. Ouch! But in a lovely warm snuggly way. The Cushion and I still vie for Georgia to sit on our laps. I’m losing BADLY.

  2. So sweet! Those silky ears!

  3. That must really hurt your laps. Whee guinea pigs don’t have to worry about getting too big for our hoomans laps, whee are rather small in comparison to doggies!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  4. Sam’s never outgrown it either!


  5. Once a lap dog, always a lap dog! There’s actually nothing quite as nice as a warm, furry dog climbing up in your lap, no matter what size….unless he happens to be dripping wet from being out in the rain!

  6. Sweet baby!

  7. Haha, they always want to be a lap dog, no matter the size.

  8. Mike Webster says:

    I’m still amazed at how adorable she was, and how adorable she’s stayed.

  9. Happiness is a warm lap.

  10. So cute! That picture of Honey as a pup is fabulous! Oh I just want to smoosh her. :)

  11. LOL! Thanks for the giggle Pamela. Seeing Honey in the first picture was so cute. She was such an adorable puppy. But seeing her adorable in Mike’s lap was hilarious. :)

  12. BTW – What kind of Blog Hop is this? Wordless Wednesday?

  13. OMG so cute :)

  14. How cute is that!!! What a beautiful golden!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  15. Apache is closing in a 90 pounds and I’m glad he doesn’t aspire to be a lap dog. I love Golden Retriever puppies I think they just might be some the cutest little fluffy bears.

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. How sweet is that?

  17. What a cutie! At every age, Honey is just gorgeous. She can sit on my lap any day of the week. :-)

  18. LOL very cute!

  19. Haha… fantastic!