Kicking *ss and Taking Names

If you read Will My Dog Hate Me (and if you don’t, why not?), you’ve probably read that blogger and professional writer Edie Jarolim has asked me to serve on an “accountability panel” to help her meet her goal to self-publish a book on pet travel.

I’m pleased to help offer some encouragement and gentle nudging to help her meet her deadlines.

What Edie doesn’t know is that I used to be the managing editor of the Journal of Presbyterian History. That was a long time ago. But I have had some practice beating berating yelling at encouraging writers to get their work done.

What I want to know, Edie, is when will I get the whip I saw in the illustration for your post?

Ok, enough silly stuff. Time for a video to send you into your weekend.

I looked for something with a travel theme to celebrate Edie’s new project. My favorite video doesn’t quite fit the scope of Edie’s book but it’s charming nonetheless.

What I really enjoyed was watching everyone shift their weight to respond to the motion of the boat. Many of us don’t use our bodies to shift and respond to motion that way without thinking–unless you sail, or ride the subway. Using our bodies without being self-conscious is one of those times we become more like a dog, don’t you think?


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  1. How cool is that? I’ve always wanted to take Sam, and now Monty, out on a boat – I think this gives me the incentive to do so!


  2. It’s true, I didn’t know that you were the managing editor of The Journal of Presbyterian History — although perhaps you alluded to that in your Memetastic award post? Well, that just clinches the wisdom of my decision to get you to serve on my panel.

    I’m holding on to the whip though. How else can I keep my accountability committee accountable?

    As for the video, just watching it made me slightly seasick. So I think you really do need to guest post on traveling with your dog by boat, lest I use seasickness as a procrastination excuse.

    But seriously… thanks again for agreeing to take part in this writing/editing experiment.

  3. Love it! That dog is all about sailing. She’s (he’s?) totally going with the flow.

  4. Shiva has learned how to shift her weight when we turn in the car. Not quite as impressive as Maia, however! What a great video.

    I couldn’t think of a better person for Edie to have on her board. She is already an excellent writer – with you and the others on her side, she is setting herself up for major success!

  5. It’s great that you’re helping to get Edie’s book on track; I love reading her blog!

    So are you a Presbyterian historian, or did you just harass them? :) I’ve got a fair Presbyterian history myself, but I’ve never visited the history page on the PCUSA site. I will now.

    Gotta love a dog who can sail! By the way, I’m quite physically animated when I talk (usually without realizing it). I always knew I was part dog.