Kicking Butt and Taking Names – Trash Talkin’ Round 2

Bringing out the beast.

Golden Retriever puppy on the beach at Cape May New Jersey

I heard the mom say Cape May is the second busiest commercial fishing port on the East Coast. I'd better stay out of the water. I might end up in a can of clams.

Yes, I usually try to see both sides of every issue. I urge reasoned discourse. And I hate conflict.

But the Best City for Pet Traveler’s brackets over at Take Paws, the Go Pet Friendly blog, has stirred up my competitive juices.

Maybe it’s all those years watching my office get involved in March Madness and feeling excluded because I know nothing about college basketball. Or allowing other people to win games we were playing to keep their feelings from getting hurt.

All I know is I have a lot of trash talk stored up and it’s headed toward Sonoma, California which is going up against seaside resort Cape May, New Jersey (my nomination) for best city for pet travelers.

As I write this, Cape May is two votes down. So I need you to vote. And here are my best trash talkin’ reasons why.

Trash talk reason #1:

Choosing Sonoma California as the best city for pet travelers over Cape May, New Jersey is like pairing a Sebastiani Zinfandel with fish pie. (Don’t worry. If you don’t get it, those folks from Sonoma will. And they’ve been burned.)

Trash talk reason #2:

Sonoma, you’re hot and your mother dresses you funny.

Trash talk reason #3:

Search Google for Pet Friendly Sonoma and you’ll get 790,000 results. Search Google for Pet Friendly Cape May and you get 1,620,000 results. See, even a computer algorithm without a pet knows who the real winner should be.

The beast rests.

Okay, sure Sonoma has some things going for it: a great mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and is the birthplace of the American wine industry.

But Cape May has it all. Dog-friendly beaches. Outdoor dining venues with puppy treats and water bowls. Miniature golf that allows your dogs on the greens. And loads of pet-friendly houses, hotels, and bed and breakfasts.

Victorian Cape May from the Atlantic Ocean

Lovely Cape May from the ocean. NONE of the beaches are private here. You can walk for miles without being cited for trespassing.

The beast wakes.

Sonoma is going down. And as I write this, they’re still asleep.

So make a stealth attack. Go to the brackets at Go Pet Friendly and vote for Cape May, New Jersey. And while you’re there, check out all the other great towns nominated as pet-friendly.

Except Sonoma, California. I’ve heard they have fleas. :)

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  1. Hahahahaha! After this, Sonoma doesn’t stand a chance. While I do hope Halifax wins this next round, I am not sure I could handle going up against you. You are one tough competitor when you want to be!

    • Of course, it the impossible happened and Halifax ended up in competition with Cape May, you know I’d end up voting for Halifax, right? :) Honey wouldn’t let me do anything less noble.

  2. I’m already thinking Cape May must be my next vacation! I hope they have dog friendly houses to rent. 😉 BTW, you made me laugh out loud when you said, “Your mother dresses you funny.”

    • Oooh, you just got me worried. What if I do such a good convincing folks to go to Cape May that I have trouble getting our usual house to rent? :)

  3. Okay you got me at pet friendly mini golf! I love mini golf! Good luck in the poll. I nominated Brant Lake NY where we go in the summer sometimes. But I also love Burlington Vermont and Saratoga Springs NY.

  4. p.s. You were so convincing, I just voted for Cape May and put you ahead by one vote!!

    • Oooh, thank you Peggy. And yes, mini golf is the best. But it’s even better with puppies (like most things).

      I’m sending my hubby to Saratoga Springs in September for the NY chapter of the American Institute of Architects convention. I can’t wait all about it. Sounds like we should be planning a pup-friendly weekender.

      And I’ll definitely look into Brant Lake as well.

  5. You are awesome, Pamela, and this is hilarious. “Sonoma has fleas” – you really are getting your trash talkin’ on!

  6. Now i’m torn between your convincing trash talk and voting for a nearby place that I visit regularly. What to do…

  7. I’m so disappointed that Chicago is out of the running! I’m also afraid of what’s going to happen when Cape May goes up against Halifax. You and Kristine are starting to scare me a little!

  8. That’s the most humorous trash talking I have ever read. Thank you so much for the giggles Pamela. I can’t believe I voted for Sonoma before realizing it was you who had entered NJ. Augh! The insanity of it all! If only I had read your trash talking first! I am so sorry!

  9. Never heard of either place, but I voted you Pamela. Looks like you are kicking ass!! :)

  10. Pet friendly mini golf?! I’m in. (PS – remind me never to compete against you. Sonoma is crying and shoving its face full of cake right now, while they drink Gato Noir right out of the bottle.

  11. I didn’t realise you could vote more than once the first go round! So this time I went crazy and voted for 4 places!! Go Cape May and Halifax, what a scary final that would be, lol! We’d find out just how bad you and Kristine can be, I don’t know if petblogville is ready for that?

  12. I would hate [and be very scared] to be in competition with you Pamela! Of course, I have no clue what that unpronounceable word sentence means. But I do get that Sonoma has fleas BOL. You must love Cape May a lot [wasn’t that the guess that won me a book?]

    Been taking a break for 10 whole days. Bliss! :)

  13. Public-access, pet-friendly beaches are key! There need to be more of those. My sister and I have been thinking of planning a family vacation in Cape May; I’ll have to send her this!