Kayak Mischief – Monday Mischief Blog Hop

I know. You don’t usually see us around the Monday Mischief Blog Hop.

That’s because Honey is not a terribly mischievous dog.

Or is she? Maybe she’s just especially good at hiding her impish ways.

Let me tell you a story and you can decide.

Honey Goes Kayaking

First you need to know that Honey’s not fond of swimming.

She’ll wade close to shore. She’ll even chase a ball into the shallows. But get her feet wet past her elbows? No way.

Look, here’s a picture.

Honey the golden retriever doesn't make mischief.

Do you see how she chooses a high spot in the creek so just her feet get wet?

On Sunday we decided to take Honey kayaking.

Since we don’t have a car and live a short distance from the lake and nearby streams, it takes a little effort. We have to pull about 100 pounds of kayak on a cart a mile each way.

I hope Honey appreciates how hard we work to give her a fun outing.

Mike pulls kayaks on a cart.

Watch out for cars, Sweetie.

So we arrive at the put-in spot.

Honey, the dainty little thing who only gets her toes wet, wades right into the muddiest part of the creek up to her chest.

Y’know. Right before putting her muddy little paws and butt into my nice, clean kayak.

Mike picks Honey up to place her in the kayak’s cockpit.

The towel I put down to keep her from sliding around becomes filthy. The floor, sides, seat, and coamings of the kayak get splattered with mud. And I end up sitting in wet, muddy shorts for the entire trip.

Sorry, no muddy pictures. I just cleaned myself as quickly as I could and got paddling. Before Honey decided to go for another mud bath.

Honey the golden retriever rides in a kayak.

Stop complaining. You look better wearing a little mud anyway.

Luckily I did something I never do when we go kayaking. I packed clean clothes in a dry bag.

Which meant I could paddle home later in muddy, but dry, shorts.

Honey the golden retriever naps in the sun.

Mischief is exhausting when you’re not used to it.

But maybe I’m overreacting.

Honey looks so innocent. She couldn’t have waded deep into the mud just to make a mess. Especially since she never does that.

It must have been an accident.


Honey the golden retriever laughing.

I’ll never tell.

Your Turn: What do you think? Was Honey consciously being mischievous? Or did she wade into the deep mud before she realized what was happening. Vote on whether she’s mischievous or not.


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  1. Honey is a perfect little angel, so of course it was accidental!

  2. You sure look like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Honey is so well behaved. Would love to try kayaking with Kilo.

  4. How could that adorable face possibly be mischievous?

  5. Honey would never do that intentionally, she must have slipped. :)

  6. I think she knew mischievous was what you wanted!

  7. Hehe. Maybe I channeled a little of that mud mischief to her. 😀 Not that I’m ever muddy…

  8. Way too cute for mischief if you ask us! BOL!

  9. Honey – like Harley – can swing both ways. PAWhaps, she knows how to give you just enough mischief every once in a while so you can join the Monday Mischief Blog Hop!
    PS: love the photo of you and Honey posing on the blanket!!!

  10. Ha ha that last picture says it all ‘an accident’ of course!!

  11. Good girl Honey – top marks for mischief! *waggy tail*

  12. Because of that sweet and innocent face, along with her past track record for very little mischief, I vote that it was an accident!

  13. Be proud! You teach us all to try new things and break out of our comfort zone … Honey did just that!