Just Let It Go (Reprise) – A Post-Foster Fantasy

I didn’t know, really, what had been so different about this one. Certainly, we had had other foster puppies. Their time with us would come to an end, and they would move on. And after missing them for a day or so, we would, too.

But this one. . . maybe it was her deep, soulful eyes, or how she needed us to bed down next to her crate to get her through those first scary nights, or how, out of the great love she grew so quickly to have for us, she hardly, hardly ever peed in the house.

I only knew that weeks had now gone by. And I was still mourning her absence.

Honey the golden retriever smiles on the bridge over the stream.

Should I be worried?

So I took an unusual step. I called the shelter that set up her adoption. And, after making reasonably sure I wasn’t completely unbalanced, they arranged for me to visit her in her new forever home.

So, one last time, I got to see our latest foster pup go walking and running and playing and eating. And I got to see her falling in love with her new people, to see her bonding with them as quickly and easily as she had so recently bonded with us.

And as I watched her move on, it suddenly became easier to let her go.

Because that little bitch didn’t remember me at all.

Zoe the foster puppy kisses Mike.

Aw, let it go.

Notwithstanding representations to the contrary from today’s proto-senile guest author, Mike (aka the Husband), we want to assure our S’Waggers that certain critical details above were strictly the product of an overactive imagination.

Google Translation from “Mike” to English: No this never really happened. it’s just my husband’s silly way of “letting go” of our latest foster pup, Zoe. 

Thanks Mike, for posting today.

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  1. It would be so hard to let go, but if seeing her in her new home not even remembering you helps, then it was the right thing to do.

  2. Good to see Mike here, as always. :)

    It’s a blow to the ego, but it does make it easier to move on, doesn’t it?

    Also, now I know what song will be stuck in my head all day. Again. 😛

  3. It’s funny how quickly they move on and attach to their new home and owners. Cupcake recognized her former foster mom soon after we found her (after being lost), but the next time she came over, about a year later, she growled at her and wanted nothing to do with her. It made me sad, but her foster mom said that she has been through it before. That is the hard part and the best part.

  4. hahaha!!! Loved this post!
    I have never fostered before, and I don’t know that I could :/ I would probably end up keeping them all, I am not so good at the “let it go” part!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. I’m glad the pup is settling in well in her new home. Even if she is forgetting you, it’s feeling safe with you that enabled her to settle in so quickly in a new place.

  6. Women are just fickle aren’t they Mike?

  7. Thanks for the laugh, Mike! Although it sometimes hurts my feelings that Madeleine takes so quickly to strangers (aka potential food givers) it’s also a bit of a relief that she is not so dependent on me as a certain other dog was…

  8. Ahahahaha!!! Zoe will be fine. You did a great job with her and others will build on what you were able to teach her in the short time you had her. You did an awesome job with her.

    I fostered 3 dogs and with all of them – I was happy to see them go. But I didn’t fully relax until a few months had passed and I knew they weren’t going to get bounced back to me again. I was especially concerned that one foster (flat coated retriever mix) would be returned. She was around 6 months old and just a bundle of nervous energy, puppy energy, and possibly had caffeine flowing through her veins instead of normal dog blood. She was especially challenging since she had an extreme fear of anything outside of the house – so that made it impossible to tire her out with walks or hikes. I relied on my other foster at the time to play with her and they did – but it was just a drop in the bucket for what she needed as an outlet. I never played so many games of fetch and never worked on training a dog so often as I did with her just to keep her mind active. And after all that, she still ate my couch, pulled my TV off the stand, and did a lot of other damage. I did have a crate for her and that helped – I shudder to think of what damage she would have done had she been loose all the time. I remember meeting her potential adopters and while I didn’t give them specifics – I warned them that she would need a lot of supervision, a lot of exercise and a lot of patience. I asked them if they had a crate. They said no, they’d never crated their dogs before; they were confident that as they were retired and would be home most of the time with her, things would work out. An email arrived a few weeks after her adoption – she had destroyed vertical blinds and various Christmas decorations when she was left for “only a minute” in the house. They went on to say that they would be going out and getting a crate straight away. But, they loved her fiercely and never once thought about giving her back. I love happy endings like that. :)

  9. “When I’m not near the one I love, I love the one I’m near.” Isn’t it great that puppies have the capacity to bond so quickly to a food source.

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband (and Author):
      Hey, I think someone finally gets me! (Now can you explain me to my wife?)

  10. It makes you feel better though – right? It would have been worse if you found out she hated her new folks. 😉

    Monty and Harlow

  11. Oh, gosh, I didn’t see that line coming!! LOL
    I’m so glad we could help Mike “let go” and also get a laugh in the process!

  12. Just completed the survey. Questions 4 & 5 are the same unless I missed something.

    I love this post BTW!

  13. Completed the survey – and cracked up as I read this post!