Jesse the Jack Russell Helps Around the House

Now all dogs are seeking servants to wait on them hand and foot (see yesterday’s post to know what I’m talking about). Some dogs are DIY all the way.

For a little Friday Fun, I want to show you Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier helping around the house.

Hope Jesse gave you a smile. He certainly made my day (until I looked over at my “purely for decoration” dog and vowed to teach her to fold towels).

Have you taught your dog any practical household tasks? Does he retrieve socks or fetch the paper?


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  1. I am very handy at cleaning crumbs from the floor! Does that count?

  2. Oh I am so in love with this video. I think Jesse is better at doing chores than I am.

  3. homewithcubbie says:

    OMG, a business idea!! I would totally hire dogs to clean my house! :)

  4. Jesse the JRT is awesome. He has inspired some of the tricks I’ve taught Shiva – including the handstand that is still not yet perfected. Unfortunately, we have yet to teach her anything practical. So far her tricks provide entertainment value only. But there is nothing wrong with that!

  5. I subscribed to Jesse’s YouTube site some time ago; his videos are inspiring and a bit daunting but watching how patiently he is taught gives me hope! Thanks for sharing one of my favorites – here at Silverwalk, Layla will wipe the floor with her tongue (you never know where very small crumbs may be), Allie Mae eats dust (yech!) and Walter Brennan has trained ME to feed him a food filled Kong for going into his house crate :).

  6. I’m with Karen, this dog is better at cleaning house than me!!
    Don’t let my husband see this:)))))

  7. I think I’ve seen some of his other videos, and he is one talented little dog! He always makes me smile! Bunny and Blueberry told me not to even think about it.

  8. Geeze, what alazy dog I have! He doesn’t do anything good like that! I am SO JEALOUS!

  9. I have a sister with a thing about open cupboard doors. Maybe she’s related to Jesse.

    I sent the link to this blog to about half-a-dozen people. None of whom have cleaning help in the house. (or a dog!) :)

  10. What a great dog!! Makes my dog look so lazy :(

  11. Delilah cleans the kitchen floor (with her tongue) she can also be counted on to clear food and dishes from the counter tops.