Jackson, Dog Ambassador

We usually see two kinds of dog stories on local news channels:

  • Cute puppy or dog faces peril and is dramatically rescued.
  • Dog is menacing threat.

This stories doesn’t fit into either of those categories. It’s just the story of a cute dog with a loving person who wanted to teach him what he needed to know so they could spend time together everywhere.

Oh, and the best part? The dog had been adopted from a shelter only four weeks before this story aired.


What have you taught your dog that impresses or surprises other people who see him or her?


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  1. I can’t believe how well trained Jackson is. And after only a month? Both the owner and the dog have to be congratulated.

    The thing that most people mention these days is how Georgia has become a lady and is good even with yappy littledogs. We’re very proud of her for that :)

  2. Erin, Trump, Bubbles & Texas says:

    Good job Jackson’s dad!! Great work!

  3. I think it’s wonderful that Jackson is so well trained.

    However I would have concerns about leaving the dog in a public place without me….just because there are too many variables that can’t be taken into consideration.

  4. That is one impressive stay! Wowzers. Suddenly Shiva’s doesn’t seem worthy of praise any more. She’d better get to work! I am going to make myself feel better by assuming Jackson was a naturally calm and sweet dog. 😛 Not that it takes away from their bond at all.

    People often tell me how great my dog is on a leash but I find as soon as they say that, Shiva does her best to prove them wrong. 😛

  5. He is adorable – I think Cali would go off with the first person that offered her a treat! Cali surprises people by sticking her nose in their crotch – a behavior that we have never been able to “un train” since she never does it to us! She thinks it is the best way to get someones attention! :)

  6. Mike Webster says:

    Wife told me to buy a dozen long-stemmed roses and present them to her over a two-pound heart-shaped box of chocolates. Me buying.

  7. Four weeks! What the X@$! am I doing wrong? Thanks for sharing this. It’s nice to see a nice story for once. The only thing that bothers me is that even with the pulling on the leash thing, I would still be afraid of someone stealing him, if he were my dog.

  8. Wow – I like how patrons seem to know him; will help keep him safe. Great, great job! and yes, Honey, I noticed Jackson is a Golden :).

  9. He’s very cute. They must live in a trusting place. I live in New York City and am afraid to even tie him up and walk away. Too many dogs have been stolen.

  10. That was way cool! I especially like the part where he said he was amazed everyone wanted the dog when a few weeks’ past nobody did.

  11. Wow! What a great story! How talented are they both!

  12. He is adorable, but I think also a little outside the norm. We work with our dogs often, and I still wouldn’t leave them outside a store for a host of reasons! He’s one amazing dog. I’m glad he’s getting good press, though!

  13. Truly amazing. Four weeks! That dog is so very lucky to have an owner so dedicated. Not to mention, lucky to have an owner at all! Wow.