It’s Wordless Around Here – Wordless Wednesday

We’ve been pet sitting for a friend.

Here’s our little guest. I call him Mr. Puppy (not his real name).

Mr. Puppy sleeps on the couch.

This is the best place for a nap. No meddlesome golden retrievers to get in my way.

He and Honey share the house with an attitude of benign neglect. A few sniffs. But no play. No sharing the couch. And luckily, no signs of stress. From either of them.

Honey the golden retriever rests on the porch.

He has his favorite nap place. I have mine.

This is the closest I could get to having a portrait of them together.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.Your Turn: Have you ever known your dog to ignore another dog?

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  1. Jack completely ignores Maggie. The only time he allows himself to acknowledge her existence is if she invades his bed…and then he gets up and leaves. There’s no stress or anxiety, he just chooses to ignore her. She of course, idolizes him and would love to snuggle, but he’s a true big brother – little sis doesn’t exist. Sally and Tino usually ignored each other too alhtough they would play together on occasion. Actually NONE of our dogs have been playful with each other, and we’ve had two for years. I guess they are just all introverts like me 😉

  2. Roxy tried her best to ignore Torrey when she came home with us.

  3. Can’t exactly say I can remember the Boys ignoring one another. They were always so close – I mean even physically. Even in the middle of the day when they would steal little naps, they managed to “touch” each other as if they wanted to know they were close at all times, even when sleeping. This is why I worry about Harley so much with Leo now gone. Any words of wisdom my friend?

  4. Sometimes you just want to be alone!

  5. Wilson ignores 99% of the dogs he encounters.

  6. Blueberry ignores most dogs. We used to see this dog at a park we used to frequent that always wore doggles because of the sun and that dog was in LOVE with B but she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Finally, one day, B decided to try and make friends and he totally gave her the cold shoulder. His owner was funny and told B that was what she got for playing hard-to-get for so long. Hehehehe.

  7. I actually feel relief when contentious Cole ignores a dog. There are dogs he takes to his heart instantly, some that win him over and some he instantly does not like. He is opinionated. I think the ones ignored are good, it is an acceptance of what is.
    LeeAnna and Cole at

  8. Yes, we have a dog that visits sometimes and I ignore her because she doesn’t really like me. I think I make her nervous, so I give her lots of space.

  9. Emmett pretty much ignores every dog that’s not Lucas and Cooper… and even then, he pretends Cooper doesn’t exist most of the time! He is WAY too “people motivated” to let other dogs distract him from people!

  10. As long as your bed is not being infringed upon, it’s all good! ☺

  11. Oh yeah. Happens a lot with me as I am choosey about my friends. I have no problem totally ignoring other dogs.

  12. It’s pretty simple here: Misty tells the other dogs what to do and they take marching orders. They are like her pets in a way.

  13. Mity and BD are like that most of the time. It’s too scary for them to play with each other so they just both do their own thing. However, they do look out for each other and I would like to think they care about each other!