It’s a Dog World Problem – Wordless Wednesday

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.

Have you ever faced this dog world problem?
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  1. LOL…That’s true.

  2. Yup, doesn’t take long, lots of scooping going on here. Have a great WW

  3. Yep, it goes that fast.

  4. hahaha very true!

  5. Never make snow angels after the dogs…

  6. Lol

    I love your back fence! Did you build it yourself, or did you buy it?

    • Thanks! I love it too. We had it built in place by a local fence company.

      I liked the pattern. But I also wanted openings that would allow neighborhood kitties to avoid being trapped by our previous dog (who had a strong prey drive).

      Now we have the negative of the openings being just the right size for puppies and small foster dogs to crawl through. Oh well. :)

  7. The benefit is the poo freezes and it’s a little easier to pick up!

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  8. We don’t poop in our yard, so that isn’t an issue, but we do trample the snow pretty fast, although the first few days after fresh snow we tend to just make a couple paths and stick to them.

  9. Hah, that’s hilarious!

    Elka also has a problem, when it’s cold enough (i.e., in negatives) that she can’t be out for too long before her feet are too cold to walk properly. If she delays too long in circling, she loses her chance!

  10. No snow here so we don’t “get” to have that problem!

  11. lol! Yep! Same goes for a nice still pond or lake.

  12. It is so true but still a nice winter/snowy view :-)

  13. hope u have a good poo scooper there 😀

  14. I don’t mind them pooing in the snow, at least I can see it. In the autumnal leaves I stand for hours staring at a spot where I could have sworn they poo’d but I can never see it. I end up having to sniff for it!

  15. Our yard is a little bigger, so it takes just a bit longer than that. :)