It All Comes Down to Dog Poop–Even for the President

My friend K sent a link to this very amusing video. I love political spoofs and I adore Gilbert and Sullivan.

What does this have to do with a dog blog? I’m just saying you may have more in common with the President than you think.

Great job, Ronnie Butler!

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  1. No sound on my work computer. Booo. But I’ll have to star this to watch it at home. It looks hilarious. His expressions are perfect.

  2. Bwaaaaaa ha ha! Good to know that even the model of a modern U.S. President is cleaning up stinky doggy poo! That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    • I think this video lets us know who’s really in charge. As Jerry Seinfeld said, if aliens came to earth and saw humans following dogs around and carrying their poop in little bags, they’d assume the dogs were in charge and we were their minions.

  3. This was hysterical — thanks for posting it. I particularly loved the chorus.