Is Life With a Small Dog Like Life with Dexter?

The best size dog is…

For me, the perfect sized dog is one whose head ends up right under my hand when she walks by my side.

Since I’m about 5′ 7″ (170 cm) tall, that means the perfect dog will end up in the 50 pound range.

But here’s the thing. I live in a small house.

I only have love seats because there’s no room for standard couches. And in our bedroom, we have to move Honey’s crate to put our clothes away because it blocks our dresser drawers.

Adopting a small dog?

However, while doing foster puppy duty for the SPCA, I discovered we have just enough room in our bedroom for a crate that houses a 10 to 15 pound (4-7 kilogram) dog.

Hmmmmm, is it time to adopt a friend for Honey? Time to do some research.

I wanted to find out what it would be like to have a small dog so I went right to the source. Who better to tell me what it’s like to live with a small dog than Dexter the talking Yorkie?

We-ell, maybe I’ll just keep things the way they are.

Need more words of Doggy Wisdom? Check out Dexter’s Ruff Life.

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  1. OMG! Loved Dexter! I’m not much of a Yorkie fan (with a few exceptions), but Dexter is adorable. Maybe you do need a little dog Pamela!

  2. I think the expressions on the dog’s face is what made it so cute!

  3. Bwaaaaa ha ha ha! Little dogs aren’t for me, either! But he is hilarious!

  4. So glad I’m not the only one with a small house/big dogs conundrum. We literally don’t have room in our bedroom to fit a kennel. So instead of having a proper spare room for guests, our second bedroom is the dogs’ room. No bed for people, 4 dog beds, 3 dogs. Go ahead, you can call me crazy. :)

  5. Dexter is just precious. He is very much a “real dog” despite his size. I have yet to jump ship and become a small dog lover, but when I look at him, I am almost tempted as well. Are you sure Honey doesn’t need a little friend?

  6. Cute…although I think a lot of those apply to big dogs too. Ha, ha. I have two small Dachshunds. I didn’t go looking for small dogs. I inherited my first one and never went back. They are great for living in small spaces but my little guys are also super awesome outdoor dogs (which is part of why I wanted a dog in the first place…to hike with me). They are so tough and will out hike me for miles. I would just chose your small dog wisely. I am sure you will but do your research and pick one with the personality traits that best match your lifestyle. You can find almost anything you can in a bit dog in a small dog package….except for maybe the pooping in your shoe part :)

  7. Dexter is definitely the anti-PR dog for small dogs. I have come to a point where my only consideration in having a dog is that I am able to lift one. Since i struggle to weigh 100 pounds that pretty much limits me to toy breeds. Maybe it’s a control thing for me, but large dogs I’ve had have just sat and laughed at me at certain points in the training regimen. My little guys don’t know they are little. We hike for miles. Less food, fewer hairs to vacuum and longer lifespans.

  8. Dexter cracks me up :) I am a lover big dogs too – I love being able to give Cali a big hug, but I also think it would be fun to have a more “portable” dog.

  9. oops . . .a lover “of” big dogs . ..I haven’t had my coffee yet :)

  10. Oh I dunno…… sounds to me like you’re almost sold!

  11. I’m not a littledog fan but that video is precious! Playing dead is morbid HAHAHA! Great editing and script.

  12. Of Pit Bulls and Patience says:

    You just need a Parker! 13lbs of big dog!

  13. I subscribe to Dexter’s YouTube channel – he is SO funny, along with Mom and Peppermint. I have all sizes of dogs; the Doxies and Border Terrier mix are my lap dogs, well, along with Justus on occasion and the big dogs are just fun. Hickory Dock, a senior Treeing Walker Coonhound (adoptable!) likes to ride in the car while I do errands. He is very happy afterward (I do try to give him a walk somewhere along the way). I’ve watched this video so many times and it always cracks me up.
    BTW, I LOVE small houses.

  14. LOL! Love the video! We live in a very small space too, so for is, Kolchak was a compromise between the little dig I wanted and the big “manly” dog the Daddy wanted. At 24 pounds, he’s small enough to take up minimal space and sturdy enough not to be considered “frou frou”. He usually gets mistaken for a lab or a pit bull puppy. We say he’s the best of both two worlds.