Introverts (Cats) & Extroverts (Dogs) Need Each Other (video)

I’ve been sitting here for two hours. What can I post that will be amazing, insightful, or funny?

Maybe I’m just feeling too introverted to write an awesome post.

And maybe that’s okay. Because I’ve been holding onto this quirky and interesting video for a while. And my lack of inspiration means you get to enjoy it.

I believe people have overestimated my abilities because I have the gift of gab. I’d probably gain from channelling my introverted side sometimes.

Honey the Golden Retriever Shows Her Introverted Side

Even an extroverted Golden Retriever has her quiet moments.

Have you extroverts benefitted from being outgoing? And do you introverts feel your ideas don’t get to shine because you find it harder to speak up?

And what do you think of the dogs as extroverts, cats as introverts thing? Does it work?

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  1. It’s catching, Pamela. Now I’m sitting here trying to decide what to say about the film. It was very clever, and I agree with her basic point, though I doubt that things were ever different in business or in life; that squeaky wheel maxim goes way back. The art was too flowery for me and I found the artist’s voice — her intonations — irritating.

    I do think the cats and dog metaphor worked, except that the two species rarely cooperate, which undermines her thesis.

    Thanks for this. It got me thinking, which is a good way to procrastinate from work!

  2. I actually liked the clip. I’m not sure I see my cats as introverted…they sometimes tend to rule the roost! (Except when Sage decides to play, which means chasing them). But, it does take all types to make something successful, which I think is what she was trying to say.

  3. I’m still reading Susan Cain’s (the speaker in the video) book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts”. It goes into great detail about how the world did change and why and when the rise of extroversion began. It’s been interesting and, at times, infuriating to read. (Like always I find myself siding with the under-dog – i.e. the introverts in history – and frustrated with the way the world dismisses what they have to offer.) I think the video gives a cute, quick primer to her theories.

    Working in a sales organization has been an eye-opener to me about the world of introverts and extroverts. (My previous contexts have been finance and pharmaceuticals so you may imagine the culture shock. 😉 I do have to share one story however, that made the difference in how the introverts and extroverts function glaringly obvious.

    Last spring my I had to attend one of those 3-day ‘lock-a-bunch-of-people-in-a-room-until-they-come-up-with-a-solution-to-this-problem’ type of events for my organization. During one of the breaks after lunch as people began to gather back in the room, I pulled out my e-reader and began reading Susan’s book. Most of the rest of the group was gathered in social circles talking about the work we had been doing or just chatting freely. It did not escape notice that I was off alone reading a book and became a matter of great amusement that the book was about the power of introversion. 😉

    Being social drains me. I can fully function and have a lot to offer in team projects but I do need a bit of private thought time to recharge. It is difficult for me to press my ideas but have learned that they do have merit and are worth being heard. It would be nice if the world came back around to realizing ‘still waters run deep’ and made it a little easier for us introverts to participate.

  4. Jen here with a secret: I’m a major introvert. However, I have learned throughout my life to accept this aspect of myself and to learn how to be more outgoing in public when it suits my needs.

    True, my ideas are not usually the ones that are the most dynamic, but I do speak up and speak my mind, and sometimes people actually listen.

    I also know that when it comes to people, they like being entertained, but they like being listened to even more. I think that was what Dale Carnegie was trying to say in his book.

  5. Really interesting video Pamela. Now I have to read the book! BTW – I’m a introvert (cat person) and my partner is an extrovert (dog person).

    • Let me rephrase that – I should have said ” I am an introverted cat person and my partner is an extroverted dog person.” Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you prefer cats over dogs (although that is the popular perception). There certainly are extroverted cat people and introverted dog people.

  6. I have Susan Cain’s book on my list of books to read. I do think as an introvert I get underestimated when I first start working somewhere (“Do you remember how quiet Dawn was when she first started?”). But I am not afraid to speak up when I feel I have something to contribute. I can get so passionate and because I usually don’t present ideas unless I have sources to back my idea they probably wish I stayed the same quiet person. I learned back in school that I was the one who lost out by not speaking up. I might not be 100% comfortable doing it, but the benefits make it worth it.

    I do not like the dog=extrovert, cat=introvert comparison. I think it adds to the stereotypes and does nothing to indicate the shades of grey to both personality types. I think their use in this video was more to indicate opposites rather than align each species with a personality type.

  7. your “lack of inspiration” became our reward! LOVED THIS!!

    I am a “mix” of introvert/extrovert…most that know me think I am a complete extrovert because I know how to “put it on” when I want to. That being said, I HATE being in large groups of people. When I go out I prefer dinners that are one-on-one…and I desperately need and crave my alone time.

    Now…I will shoot the theory of cats being introverts and dogs being extroverts to hell. I have an EXTROVERTED “people” cat and a dog who is an INTROVERT! My dog has a more enthusiastic portrayal of his emotions but when it comes to people…he hides BEHIND our cat :)

  8. Silas is definitely the opposite of a social butterfly. But he’s also a “cat like” dog in a lot of other ways–he bats his toys around, he pounces, and he is fastidiously clean.

  9. I liked the video…yes, her voice was a bit annoying, but heck, I don’t have to live with her, just listen to her for 15 minutes (anyway, that’s what I explain to staff who are irritated by a client, hahameow. I am very extroverted if I feel the people around me want to learn and hear what I have to say. I am not one for inane chatter or lunchtime ramblings.

  10. That video is pretty cool! I enjoyed watching the designs being drawn, and I love the artwork. I do tend to be an introvert, and I prefer to listen as opposed to opening my mouth to show what I don’t know. However, when there’s a topic I feel very knowledgeable about, or an idea I feel passionate about, I don’t hold back from expressing my opinion then. I just don’t tend to blow hot air about what I don’t know about.

  11. I only just now had a chance to watch this and I think it was really interesting, and very true. We all have skills to lend, no matter how vocal we are about them. It sometimes takes an extrovert to recognize a good idea and take it to the next level.
    I am wondering though if there are many people who are “true” introverts or extroverts. We all have our moments of both, in which sometimes we just can’t handle the thought of social interaction and others in which we get more excited as we share. It seems everyone is kind of a mix both, only the percentages of each may vary. I don’t know if it’s my introversion that prevents me from speaking up or my extreme shyness. My husband is a definite introvert, he may be one of the few who is almost 100%. However, he isn’t remotely shy and has no problem speaking if he feels it worthwhile.

    I’ve definitely never seen dogs as more extroverted or cats as more introverted. Like people each dog or cat has his own personality. There are introverted dogs and extroverted cats.

  12. I had saved this one to watch and I finally had a chance. First, I was immediately taken in by the awesomely quirky drawings.

    I love the use of Jobs and the Woz as an example too. It really is amazing how our skills can all complement each other in such a way to create a really fantastic result.