I’m So Ashamed

Lots of Shame to Go Around

Our friends at Kol’s Notes and My Brown Newfies have turned the tables on the popular dog shaming website.

Yep, it’s Human Shaming time. The dogs finally get their say. And it seems we are not worthy to live in their worlds.

Human shaming picture #1


Human Shaming #2


Human Shaming #3


Human Shaming #4


Human Shaming #5

Would your dog submit your picture to a human shaming site? If so, you have a few more hours to enter the blog hop and join the hall of shame.


Thank you so much to Kristine, Diana, and Beth who supported the Tompkins County SPCA March for the Animals through Something Wagging This Way Comes.

The money raised goes to pay for medical treatment for the animals in their care. Being able to afford veterinary care is an important part of being a no-kill, open admission shelter. So thank you, thank you.

Beth from the blog, Daily Dog Tag, has won the Amazon gift card. Beth recently broke her arm so I’m sure she will make good use of the thank you gift.

human shaming blog hop

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  1. I think Honey took it easy on you. :-)

    BTW, I wanted to tell you your hair is beautiful. I love the color!

  2. LOL! I love it! A lot of times I think I should be playing or doing something fun with the Newfs instead of being on the computer, but then I think, “Hey, I have a whole deicated to them! What do they expect!:))))

  3. BOL we liked that. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great way to hop on board!

    Shame to the Peoples!

  5. As if I wasn’t feeling guilty enough already. My dog is currently using mind control to try and correct my behavior. All of the sudden going to the lake sounds so much more important than this crazy Excel thing!

  6. Hahaha! These are all great! I am sure my dog has a thing or two to say about my computer usage as well.

    I also agree with Jodi; your hair looks awesome! Are you one of those rare and lucky women who wakes up with it styled so perfectly?

  7. I love those. All dogs probably wonder why we would spend time in front of a screen and keyboard when they are available. Only my cat can get my attention by jumping on the keyboard.

  8. haha – that’s funny! Blueberry stares at me when I am playing a game on my phone. Then I feel guilty and end the game to give her some belly rubs. She has me well-trained. 😉

  9. HA! I love that shot of Honey sticking her tongue out “at you”. It’s precious. Kol thinks I should be ashamed of my Computer time…and for using him as blog fodder…and for my wretched tardiness. BOL!

  10. Hee hee – I love the picture with Honey’s tongue peeking out :) Don’t worry Honey, we all should be ashamed of ourselves for doing the exact same things!! (Pamela -your hair looks great!!)

  11. now that is clever

  12. Sweet! LOVE your hair!!! My dogs can’t really shame me, as they don’t know how to type. I know, I know – I’m a bad mom. That, and they’d be on my computer every day, shaming me about some egregious error I’ve committed. Might as well just turn the whole thing over to them at that point. *sigh*

  13. If that’s the nastiest stuff you can think of, you shouldn’t be on this hop. Too nice you are, Ms Pamela. Going off track here… LOVE your hair. I’ve wanted hair that colour for years but I’m stuck with yucky salt and pepper.

  14. I LOVE this blog hop! Let’s put the shame on those that truly earn it!

  15. those were soooo good and….I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

  16. Honey is so insightful.

  17. How glam is your mum??

  18. Ha ha ha! I love the pictures! It looks like Honey is a pretty forgiving girl! :)

  19. LOL! Those were great! Hey, at least you showed up to the blog hop! I go “eh, i’m late, oh well” then don’t do it.

  20. Great pics. I’m afraid to think what human shaming would be over here.

  21. Fantastic series!

    I’m late too… wondering if I’ll manage to make it before the deadline. We’ll see…

  22. I won’t give my dogs the paper and crayons – I’m afraid of what they’ll say!