I’m Cured! Wordless Wednesday

Yahoo! Honey is cured!

No longer will she be suffering from blurry pictures.

Honey the golden retriever is at the Hot Spot.

The Hot Spot. huh?

We finally got a camera that can capture her in all her golden loveliness.

Honey the golden retriever at the Hot Spot.

Oh yeah, this is the Hot Spot.

What? You thought I was talking about that pretty pink bandage on her right front leg?

Well, good news!

The tumor (a pilomatricoma—a tumor of the hair follicle) is benign. And there’s no trace of it left.

The vet will remove the stitches in two weeks.

So I guess Honey is cured in two ways.

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  1. YAY!! Soooo happy the tumor is all gone!!! And ecstatic that it was benign, like the vet thought!! Getting the stitches out will be a breeze! Happy Hugs to all of you!

    Which camera did you get? Tell us all about it!!

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband:

      It is a Nikon D3300 digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), our first of this type. Pam’s online research uncovered a variety of types of sources–bloggers, photographers, blogging photographers, photographing bloggers, and, I think, twenty-four of the thirty-six or so Republican presidential candidates–that all said the same thing: a great beginners’ DSLR that will support its user’s future technical growth.

      Pam found a package deal that brought us the camera with a bag full of accessories, including four filters, three lenses and two tripods, for a little over $500. (No warranty, though. And the tall tripod is, I would judge, of “minimum acceptable” quality materials and construction–enough to get the job done, but only if the job isn’t too tough. But at that price, who’s complaining?)

      After our first week of getting to know the camera, I am inclined to agree with the Republican presidential candidates. (About the camera. Nothing else.) Once set up, the machine is nearly as easy to use in its two automatic settings as our old point-and-shoot, and the images are sharp and devoid of the “noise” the old camera makes.

      Additionally, it carries four manual modes, including aperture-priority mode and shutter-priority mode and full manual mode. In the fourth manual mode, “programmed,” the camera sets both the aperture and the shutter speed, which, I guess, is more than halfway to “automatic,” leaving the photographer only to focus the lens. I would welcome any comment from experienced DSLR users that would help me understand this mode further.

      And for lighting conditions that are beyond the reach of the rookie to master manually, it has all the presets our old point-and-shoot had. I played around with its “night portrait” preset, comparing it to its “automatic” and “automatic without flash” modes. I’m convinced both that the presets are very handy, and that they present the danger of allowing a lazy (fill in the pejorative noun of your choice) like me never to stretch myself to learn to shoot in the manual modes.

      Finally, it has some video-audio capability, which we have yet to try.

      If I have any “complaint” about the camera, it is only that I find the breadth of its capabilities intimidating. But that’s my problem, not the camera’s; and the only way to overcome the intimidation is to do what the learning of any complex subject rich with possibility requires:

      1) Do my homework. (That is, read the manual.)
      2) Practice, practice, practice. (Also reputed to be a good way to get to Carnegie Hall.)

      So back to school it is.

  2. So happy the tumor is benign – a hair follicle tumor is something completely new to me.

    • Me too.

      And since I know you’re a life long learner, you might be interested to know they are more common in dogs with steadily growing hair, like poodles. Apparently those tumors are more likely to be malignant.

  3. Took me a few minutes to see the “Hot Spot” sign. Glad to hear Honey is cured of all that ails her! Love her smile.
    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  4. We’re very happy to hear Honey’s good news. And congrats on the new camera, too. Pix are noticeably sharper.

    • Thanks for noticing. I knew I wasn’t crazy that the point and shoot pics always looked blurry no matter what I did.

      I can’t wait until Honey’s allowed to run and jump again so we can see some action shots.

  5. Yay Honey!!

  6. YAY!!!!!!

  7. Ellen Haith says:

    Great news, on both topics! Let the games begin!

  8. So happy to hear, Pamela! Congratulations on the camera, too.

  9. This is awesome news all around! Now you have that worry off your shoulders, you can relax and have fun with your new camera!

  10. Woo Hoo, the best news ever. And the photos look great.

    • Well, relatively speaking, they look great. But I’m sure we’ll get better as we figure out the camera.

      Thanks for encouraging us to take the plunge. I think it will be a big improvement.

  11. Yeah – so glad for good news!

  12. I’m so happy the tumor is benign!!

    As for the camera let me know how it works out. I’m not inclined to purchase a more sophisticated camera as my shots are mostly candid, but I’m interested to hear how it works out for you. :-)

    • I was not inclined to purchase a more sophisticated camera because I am notoriously cheap. :)

      But I recently applied for two blogging jobs that highlighted the importance of good, sharp images. And our old camera is so slow that it’s hard to get candids. They always turn out blurry.

      I look forward to seeing more candid shots for Honey. I’m tired of seeing her at rest. :)

  13. Mary, Simon and Kima says:

    Pics are beautiful!! And so is the news from the vet!! Congratulations!
    Mary, Simon and Kima

  14. Good news and good news! So glad to hear that about her tumor!

  15. Oh thank goodness Honey will be OK. What a relief. I can only imagine how worried you were. And congrats on the new camera! I look forward to seeing more beautiful photos on your blog.

    • After I heard dozens of stories from other dog people about bumps and lumps that turned out to be nothing, I was feeling pretty good.

      But then we took Honey in to have her dressings changed. The vet went on and on about how he had never seen anything like it. How it was so difficult to remove.

      He really had me feeling worried by the end. Luckily the pathology report came in a couple of hours later.

      I think vets should save those kinds of stories for the bar after work. :)

  16. YAY!!! So glad to hear the news about Honey, and congratulations on your new camera.

  17. Fantastic news!! Honey, you’re lookin’ fabulous!

  18. Glad to hear about the benign tumor. Jealous of your new camera. Enjoy!

  19. Sweet diggity – that is great news!

    I have camera envy. That’s out of my budget, but I appreciate your husband’s explanation of the camera – which will make it easier for me once I am ready to take the plunge myself.

    • It’s out of our budget too. :)

      But we figured we’d only get poorer the longer we were on the boat. And perhaps the new camera will provide some new sources of income.

      BTW, I chose it because it got many reviews stating it was an excellent starter camera. So hopefully we’ll learn a lot using it.

      And you get such lovely shots of Blueberry. It can’t hurt that you live somewhere that has such beautiful sunshine. Back in NY, we had about 220 cloudy days a year. It was tough to get a good shot without a flash. :)

  20. Ahhhhhh! I SO need a new camera!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  21. Just in time to make us all envious of your life on the briny with a no longer blurry but healthy Honey.

    • Well we also need the camera to take pictures of beautiful cocktails at sunset. Because we know some people won’t be convinced we’re having fun by seeing pics of the waves and storms. :)

  22. I am so happy to hear it was a benign tumor. As Goldens are much more prone to cancer, I was very worried for you and Honey.

    Yay on the new camera! Sounds like you got a great deal. You will love it!

    • OMD, yes. I was thinking about golden cancer stats the whole time.

      And I hope to love the new camera. Mike is having all the fun with it now. :)

  23. Great news Honey! Also, enjoy the camera. The pictures look great!

  24. Yahooo!!!!! So happy to hear the good news, Honey!! Mom has a fancy camera too but she still doesn’t know how to use it very well! 😉 Your pictures look GREAT!!

    • Several folks have told us to watch YouTube videos to learn how to use the camera.

      But who wants to do that when there are dogs to play with? :)

  25. Wonderful news (and it wasn’t a gross wart, either – double, er triple win)! Have fun with the camera; I can really tell a difference. :)

    • Thanks, we see a big difference too. It’s nice to know it wasn’t only that I was a terrible photographer. The camera might be partly to blame too.

      And yeah, it’s always fun telling people about a tumor with cool name instead of a wart. You need to come up with a latin name for it. :)

  26. Great news! And congrats about the camera. I really need to get one, and this (along with your husband’s post) helped convince me.

  27. Awesome news! Congrats on the camera too. Mom has had a D31oo for about five years now. It took three to learn how to use it properly and then another to shoot mostly in manual mode, but she loves it and I approve of her work most of the time. She is hoping to upgrade to a D7200 or so later this year, we shall see. A good camera makes photos so much more fun!

  28. I’m so happy for you and of course Honey!!

  29. YAY!!!! That is fabulous news. You bought the same camera I have! I love it.

  30. That is the absolute best news ever. When do you set sail?

  31. So pleased to read Honey’s news :) You can move on with all your plans with a clear head now!

    Google (or your search engine of choice) is your best friend when it comes to learning more about photography. There are many good sites with excellent information, one I like a lot is Clicking’ Moms, they do have a few articles on pet photography amongst all the stuff about kids, lol! But they have a lot of good, basic ‘how to’ articles that are easy to understand. Right now you probably don’t know what you need to know and it’s good to familiarise yourself with your new camera before exploring further into the unknown. Enjoy!

  32. Great news on all accounts! So happy the tumor is benign, and we can always use more photos of Honey. 😉

  33. Fantastic news and a great reason to celebrate!! :)

  34. I read too many photography blogs, this is the one I was meaning as a good place to learn lots in the one place, just change the word ‘kids’ to ‘dogs’ :) http://clickitupanotch.com/basic-photography-tips/

  35. Edie Chase says:

    Good news about both Honey and the camera. Great pictures.

  36. I don’t know how I missed this news, but man am I tearing up with relief. Thank goodness it was benign. Good job Honey!

    Pamela – Love the pics! Cameras make a difference!

  37. Hooray for the B9 tumor! That’s pawesome news!

    Enjoy that new camera!

  38. Sh looks marvelous! good for you!