If Lassie Were a Cat…

I’m not going to get into the whole “who’s better–dogs or cats” debate. But what do you think would have happened if Lassie had been a cat?


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  1. Awesome video! Still would love to have a cat again someday…but my less-than-heroic dogs would never allow it!

  2. Too funny. :-) To be completely fair, my dog wouldn’t run to find help either. More than likely she would just lick my face or start jumping over the tree in hopes of getting a treat. At least my cat would have the decency to not take advantage of my prone position!

  3. I think Timmy would still be stuck in the well if Lassie were a cat! LOL @ Kristine Delilah would be with Shiva. Sampson would go for help.

  4. I can pretty much promise that as long as there’s another feeder at home, none of my cats are going to be the reason I’m saved :)

  5. Cat Lassie just has different priorities… 😉

  6. That kid looks pretty chubby, the cat probably figured that given a few days, the kid would be able to slip out. Smart cat.

  7. ROFL!!! That’s what MY cats would do for SURE!

  8. They may not save your life when you’re trapped under a tree, but they still purr. So there.

  9. Well, if Lassie had ben my cat Nick, he would have looked at me with disdain and meowed VERY LOUDLY to let me know I needed to feed him. There would be no rescue for me!