If I Were A Dog, I’d Be A…

I recently took one of those click bait quizzes I found online to see what kind of dog I’d be.

As usual, it said I was definitely a Labrador retriever—affable, smart, outdoorsy, a little clumsy, and likes to eat.

Labrador retriever lounging near the water.

If only I were half so pretty.

Yep, that sounds about right.

But it isn’t the whole truth. I suspect I have a few other dog breeds lurking inside as well.

If I Were A Dog, I’d Be A…

Border Collie – Because I usually find work more fun than play. Heck, when it’s going well, work is play.

Pitbull Mix – Because I’m not as tough as many people think I am.

A pitbull covered with kisses.

He’s a lover, not a fighter.

Golden Retriever – Because I just like hanging around people.

Terrier – Because once something comes to my mind, I have trouble tearing myself away from it.

German Shepherd – Because I work very hard to do what people important to me think I should do.

German shepherd puppy in training.

Just tell me what to do. I’ll do it.

Saint Bernard – Because, I’m sorry to say, I sometimes drool.

Greyhound – Because there’s nothing better than a night in on a comfy couch with the ones I love.

Great Pyrenees – Because I leave long strands of white hair everywhere I go.

Great pyrenees puppy on a couch.

Don’t you worry. I’ll have this couch covered in white fur before you can spell peyeranees, puranees, pyreknees… Oh well, you know what I mean.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever – Because I’m never happier than when I’m in or near the water.

Universal Dog (some call them mutts) – Because it’s hard to predict what I’ll do next.

Pug – Because I like making people laugh. Although I don’t lick them nearly as much.

Chihuahua – Because if I’m going to survive winter, I need a really warm coat.

Chihuahuas wear their sweaters.

It’s definitely sweater weather.

In truth, I wish I were as good a person as my dog Honey is a dog. Maybe I need to keep hanging out with dogs until I learn all their secrets.

Honey the Golden Retriever is a puppy, not a child.

We’ve been hanging out together a long time. You should be a much better dog by now.


Your Turn: If you were a dog, what kind of dog(s) would you be?


photo credits: (Labrador Retriever) emildom75 via photopin cc, (Pit mix) Beverly & Pack via photopin cc, (German shepherd pup) West Midlands Police via photopin cc, (Great Pyrenees puppy) Cloudforest via photopin cc, (Chihuahuas in sweaters) T1m0thy77 via photopin cc. Click on the images to learn more about the photographers.

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  1. I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth. Partly Golden Retriever because I do tend to be a “people person”; partly Poodle because I’m smart enough to know when to act dumb to get what I want from certain people; and part Cardigan Corgi cuz I can be “bossy” at times — like Ducky tries to be with her older sisters — just ask my hubby. He usually says “yes, mother” at me when I get like that. It makes me angry, but it also snaps me out of it.

    • I’d like to learn your trick of acting dumb to get what I want from some people. That sounds like a valuable skill. And it probably works better than being bossy. :)

  2. Whenever I take one of those quizzes it usually comes up as Border Collie because I am a high-energy control freak! Probably most of the herding breeds would fit me, but I think I am a bit long-legged to be a Corgi! And “Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s Mom” sure is right, Cardigan Corgis are BOSS

  3. Well, I fumble fingered my keyboard before getting in that last “Y!!!!!” up above……

  4. Holy cow, i don’t think I can narrow it down. Like you, too many traits for one bread.

  5. Hmm, I haven’t taken one of those quizzes – I’d probably get Lab as well since I assume my answers would all be reasonable. I don’t know what breed I would be but it might be one that’s slightly reserved around strangers and likes to nap.

  6. Definitely a pug. Pugs are complicated, nuanced, and much deeper than their surface lets on. Also, the flat faces.

  7. Sounds like fun, mom is going to have to take that quiz!

  8. haha yours are great! First, I’d be a golden retriever because I love being around others. I’d be a border collie too, because I’m organized and I think they must be organized to do all they do. I’d be a little bit basset hound because I’m short, slow moving and a little lazy!

    • OMD, Peggy! I can’t think of three dog breeds more different from each other than goldens, border collies, and basset hounds. That makes you a complex enigma. :)

  9. Beagle – I’m independent and stubborn and like to be in control. I also think about food a lot, and can be easily bribed with a treat. I’ll go to a party I don’t really want to if I know there’s going to be cake. :)

    • It sounds like you’re really given this some thought, Jan.

      But you forgot those soft eyes that convince everyone to give you exactly what you want. Which is probably why there are so many chubby beagles out there. :)

  10. I just did a test on Buzzfeed, apparently I’d be a pug!

  11. You’re a real bitza Pamela 😉 I’d probably be one too. A bit of everything depending on my mood, the weather, the time of day, the time of year, who I’m with, if I’m alone. Those quizzes are hard to pass by!

  12. But taking those silly quizzes are how we know we’re human, right?

    People think I’m weird for loving heavy metal and opera, for preferring talky movies without plots, and for living in a car culture without a car. But I still get suckered in by a click bait quiz along with everyone else. 😉

  13. Sounds so cliquish but I would have to say a “Goldendoodle” just happy go lucky all the freaking time BOL

  14. When I was a kid, I used to want to be a cocker spaniel. That’s probably because they were the most popular breed of dog in my neighbourhood. And they have very pretty hair.

    I am not sure what breed fits my personality anymore so I took a test myself for giggles. Here was my answer: “Pitbull Terrier: Sure, you are pretty misunderstood, but once people get to know you, they realize how lovable you really are. It may take a second for you to warm up, but you are a goof once you do — not to mention you’re loyal, sincere, and adaptable.”

    If there is any truth in this, it doesn’t sound so bad at all!