If Dogs Were Superheroes…

A few years back, I decided I needed a little childish fun in my life. Some of the things I tried fell by the wayside–coloring books, puzzles, games.

But I developed a genuine fondness for comic books that remains with me–particularly the superheroes of the DC Universe. And what could be the only thing that makes comic superheroes more fun? Adding dogs to the mix, of course.

Here are my ideas about which superheroes match certain dog breeds.

  • Batman – Dark and obsessive, highly intelligent, intense focus on the job at hand. Definitely a Border Collie.
  • Wonder Woman – elegant, intelligent, loyal and strong. Most certainly a German Shepherd.
  • Superman – All-American, strong, handsome, patriotic, but not quite as smart as Batman. Superman would be a Labrador Retriever.
  • Robin – cheerful, athletic, personable, with a great sense of humor. Yep, that would be a Golden Retriever.
  • Flash – fastest man on earth? He’s gotta be a Greyhound.

If your dog was a superhero, who would he be? Do you have a canine Black Canary or Batgirl? A doggy Wolverine or Captain America? Channel your inner geek and share here.

It’s the Saturday Blog Hop so hop on!

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  1. Okay, I’m going to confess that I am also a closet comic book reader, although it’s been a while since I picked one up. I’m an X-Men girl, though!

    The Flash would have to be a Greyhound, though! That’s all I’m sayin’!

  2. Sage is clearly Batman! She’s forever flying around.

  3. I’ve always seen Wonder Woman as a girl Poodle. Feminine and deceptively powerful.

  4. My little dachshund would have to be Underdog!

    • I used to think Underdog was a beagle. But now that I think of it, he didn’t have any spots. Maybe dachshund is a better choice.

  5. I’m thinking a Lab could pass for Robin as well. Kind of funny to think of them as superheroes though! LOL!
    Happy hopping!

    • I think the Golden would be Dick Grayson as Robin while a Lab might be Tim Drake.

      (With head in her hands) Now I’m really exposing my inner geekdom, aren’t I?

  6. I love this question! Love the geekery angle. :-)

    But it’s tough. I’ve got the PH pondering now as well. I am thinking Shiva is more of a Hancock-type hero. Kind of selfish, but means well, ends up destroying things while attempting to save others, causes chaos but eventually gets it right in the end… I don’t know if that counts or if the Will Smith movie has anything to do with comic-book heroes, but that’s the closest to the Shivster I can think of. She’s not exactly noble enough to fit the heroic label.

  7. hmmm, is there a polka dot superhero? betty boop perhaps for cici… ok pitbull and dalmatian mix, and silly, goofy, social butterly superheroine? hmmmm, betty as opposed to veronica, perhaps… phoebe on charmed, or the bionic dog :-)



  8. Heh, my husband just decided Shiva is more like the Hulk. A mild-mannered softie when calm, but when she loses control… Look out!

  9. I had to wait till this morning to comment because I wanted to get The Other Half’s opinion.

    Very boring, but we’ve decided Georgia would have to be Supergirl. Meek and mild-mannered at home, flying around and taking on villainous littledogs outside. she even has a cape (blanket) she like to walk around in :)

  10. Love this idea. I don’t see Wonder Woman as a German shepherd, however. Standard poodle is closer, but I see sleeker. I’m going to have to ponder this and get back to you after I’m more caffeinated.

  11. Great question!

    Is there a goofy and not so smart hero with a big heart and the best of intentions? That’d be Bella… =P

  12. I LOVE this topic! I wish I knew more about comic book characters to come up w/ a few. You basically listed the only ones I know.