If Dogs Are So Smart…

Sometimes I’m astonished at how smart my dog Honey is.

And other times?

Honey the golden retriever with computer wearing a mortarboard hat.

If Dogs Are So Smart, Then Why…

when it’s 94°F (34° C), do they insist on sitting on your lap? And then pant like they’re dying.

Honey the Golden Retriever sits in MIke's lap at the side of the creek.

Love me. Love me.

don’t they look at the camera to get their picture taken quickly? After all, when the camera clicks, they always get a treat. And a break from posing.

don’t they just catch their tail when it’s sitting right next to them on the couch? Instead of wasting all that energy chasing it.

Rabbit sits near the mailboxes.

If you’re so smart, Honey, why do you go crazy when you see a rabbit…

when they’re thirsty, don’t they swallow the water instead of walking away from their bowl dripping all over the floor? And if they didn’t want all that water, why did they slurp it up to begin with?

don’t they rule the internet (and the resulting revenue) like the cats do? What? Is making a little money beneath them?

can’t they understand that if we trip over them while cooking and injure our brains, there won’t be any food for them to eat? Just back up there, puppy. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Two guinea pigs.

…but you pay no attention to the guinea pigs?

don’t they learn that if they’d clean up all their dog hair on the furniture and floor, we’d have more time to play with them. An hour less a day vacuuming is one more hour to play fetch.

don’t they scoop their own poop?

Oh, they get us to follow them around with little bags for cleaning up. Clever.

Maybe dogs aren’t so dumb after all.

Your Turn: When has your smart dog seemed stupid to you?



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  1. When I have to practically bribe Torrey to swim when it’s 90. Thankfully, she figured it out though.

  2. Mom says we just have different priorities and ideas about what is important.

  3. I’m convinced that dog agendas and people agendas are worlds apart. We might as well be speaking Yugloslavian to a Frenchman for the mutual understanding about things. 😉

  4. hahahaha love this!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. There is definitely a range of intelligence in dogs. The thing that gets me is the ones who are wearing horrible choke or prong collars and still pull til they can’t breathe! Though in that case, it’s not mainly the dog who’s the stupid one….

    The porta bote looks awesome! I am definitely going to tell Florian about that one.

  6. Sometimes Barley’s enthusiasm wins out over her intelligence–like when she gets so excited about hopping on the bed that she overshoots and slides off the far side of the bed 😉

  7. Haha, this is great! Sometimes Cody lays in the sun panting when it’s really hot outside. But he does come over into the shade when I encourage him :)

  8. I must be clever! When I want to catch my tail, I back up to a wall and trap it – it can’t get away from me then!

    • That is very clever, Clowie. But I suspect most dogs don’t really want to catch their tails. They just enjoy the chase. :)

  9. When he does the “pee-pee” dance in front of an open door but won’t go outside because it’s raining!