If Dogs and Cats Were People, Would You Want Them Around?

I’ve suspected something for a while.

We live with dogs and cats because they’re so damn cute. If they weren’t, would we put up with this?

Or how about this?

It’s just a little less cute without all the fur, huh?

What kind of human roommates would your animals be? 

Honey the Golden Retriever as a cute puppy with her toy.

I’ll tell you one thing. No human baby is as cute as me.

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  1. If Louise was to be a human for a day, she would most likely stay home and cook something tasty up to eat for everyone and then go have fun at one friend’s house later. Sofie on the other hand would steal the car and ride around town picking up every stray should could find. Now the cats, well, Noel would be in bed all day, and only get up to eat (if someone else made it), Nine would be an Olympic Gymnast, and Baby Stella, well she would be the quiet girl in the back of the class. If I was a dog for the day, I would want to be one of mine :-)

  2. That first video is absolutely priceless..I still have laughter tears

    If Gizmo was human I think he’d be a pretty good roommate…He’s considerate of my moods and needs…When I want affection he’s always there, and if I’m busy he is content to wait quietly till I’m done…He’s always up for any activity I suggest and doesn’t ask me to watch boxing or Nascar…Overall if I could find a guy like Gizmo I might want to get married again BOL!

  3. I saw that human friend vs cat friend video a little while ago and think it is just so hilarious! I don’t have roommates but I do have children… my oldest daughter would probably be a dog with all of her energy and my baby might be a cat since she clims all over me and everything else. Although she does beg for food kinda like a dog lol.

  4. That cat friend vs. dog friend video cracks me up. It’s so accurate! If my guys were people, I’d turn into one of those mothers who does nothing but repeat myself, “Stop hitting your brother.” “Stop yelling.” “I said stop. Stop. Stop hitting your brother.” As dogs, I expect wrestling, barking, and more wrestling… as people, it would drive me nuts!

  5. Those are hilarious! Torrey would be the I am so damn glad to see you human. Wanting to help, all that. Roxy, would be like that, only a little less enthused about it.

  6. The last scene, as gross as it was, is played out at least once a week in my house. 😛

    I am pretty sure if Shiva were human, we wouldn’t even be acquaintances, let alone roommates! We’d drive each other insane!

  7. OMG they were both priceless and so true!!

    I can’t imagine what kind of roommates my dogs would be! I love how well thought out the videos both were. Although I would have to say, I’m not sure my dogs would cook the bacon. :-)

  8. Hurley would be that roommate who always ate your food out of the fridge unapologetic-ally. Even when it had your name on it.

  9. The dog person reminds of the character Daisy on Bones. I don’t mind my dogs wanting to play but she makes me crazy.

  10. Human??!! Whatever for!

    Fuzzy and Boomer


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  11. The Cat vs. Dog video… I’ve been resisting watching it, but I finally did. Hilarious! The person playing the cat especially cracks me up.

    I think Bella would be a better roommate than Tavish (he’d be like the dog in that first video – a ball of energy and constantly underfoot), although Bella might eat me out of house and home if she could open the fridge.