I’d Rather Have Sand in My Fur

While sniffing out just the right video to share this morning, I came across a series that was hopeful, inspiring, and beautifully shot and edited.

While I’m waiting to hear if the filmmaker will give me permission to feature her videos on my site, I guess I’ll go to the beach.

I’m just about ready to lose it from the cold and gloom. So I’m happy to frolic in the surf with dogs–even if it is just in my mind.

Honey the Golden Retriever lies in the snow.

What’s better? Finding frozen cat poop in the snow? Or crabs in the sand?

Seeing the swim back into shore from the dog’s point of view made me understand why Honey doesn’t care to swim. It takes a lot longer when you’re just doggy padding.

When do you hit your limit with the weather, whether it’s snow, rain, or high heat? And how do you and your dog cope?

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  1. With us, not surprising, it’s heat coupled with humidity. July and August keep us off the trails for the most part, as it’s too hot for both Gizmo & me. I slog along and Giz just runs from shade tree to shade tree…It’s hard to carry enough water for both of us, and it’s just not fun.We confine our walks to early mornings, usually before the sun is up, and evenings, and wait for Fall

  2. The cold doesn’t bother me as much as the heat. I have a kidney condition called medulllary sponge kidneys that makes heat and I NOT get along at all.
    I dread overly hot temps.
    Dakota doesn’t like extremes of either HOT or COLD!

  3. That makes me think of sunshine and beaches. Perfect on a miserable grey day. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I’m with Gizmo. August is the *worst.* 100 degrees is no joke. Even on cooler days, and at cooler times of day, we can only get out for about 20 minutes at once. We usually try to get out of town for a week then, preferably heading northward.

    I’m sorry you’ve got the winter blues.

  5. Fiesta Island! That’s where we go 4 or 5 times a week! It doesn’t ever get unbearably cold here, but when we have a heat wave we head to Fiesta Island – Rita loves to cool off in the water, although she doesn’t like to swim. She just walks in and lays down!

  6. The weather here is pretty amazing today and it makes me long for trips to the beach with dogs. Love love love the sand :)

  7. Rain. i hate rain and when the front door opens and I see the rain, I pull to go back inside. I’d rather hold it in than go out. Mom won’t let me and pulls me out and we won’t go back until I pee. I try to go quickly.

  8. Yep, I am pretty much done with the minus thirty and lower temperatures myself. That being said, the heavy rains from March to June don’t fill me with a lot of glee either. I guess we just have to savour what good days do come and if we’re feeling down, watch a video like this one!

  9. The dachshunds and I are sick to death of the cold and spend most of our day huddled under covers and by heaters. David on the other hand is LOVING this weather. 30’s? 20’s? No problem! Bring it on!

    I can’t wait for summer myself.

  10. I love all the seasons…but I prefer winter stay over 30 degrees and summer stay under 90. :-)

    As for the pups, two out of three dogs in this house prefer poop, and one would prefer sushi. :-)

  11. Slimdoggy is pretty unphased by most everything…this dog really goes with the flow. We live in sunny CA so no snow, but we do get some heat. Luckily, our morning outings are early enough that its still pretty cool and we live close enough to the ocean that I can still get an early morning run in without wilting!