I Have a Big Furry Blind Spot. Do You?

I have a big fuzzy blind spot. Do you?

One of my dozens of toys. I thought you didn’t like having lots of stuff around the house, woman.

Maybe it’s narcissism.

But when I notice someone being particularly blind to their own faults, I immediately wonder what I’m hiding from myself. What are my blind spots?

I suspect the biggest one weighs fifty pounds, sheds constantly, and loves liverwurst.

Either Honey is my big furry blind spot. Or everyone else is ridiculous and it’s different with my dog.

Is It Just Me?

Why is it so disgusting to pick up someone else’s dog poo on a walk but I do it for my own dog without even thinking about it?

Why is it infuriating to have your dog get into the trash but so cute when she’s licking out the peanut butter jar you just gave her?

Why are parents so ridiculous for buying an SUV to schlep all their baby’s stuff around when I never take Honey anywhere without a water bottle, her collapsible bowl, a bed, toys, a bone, a handful of poop bags, and the camera?

Why do I eat a piece of cheese and an apple for dinner while leaning against the sink because I’m too tired to cook for myself after preparing homemade meals filled with cancer-fighting supplements for my dog?

Why do I think doggy dude ranches are silly but I avoid vacations that don’t allow me to bring my dog?

Why do I think it’s tacky that you have lint on your beautiful wool coat when I’ve given up trying to get the dog hair off my fleece scarf?

Why do I hate entering a house that smells like dog but I love sniffing my dog’s feet?

Why do I think having a variety of interests is a virtue but my heaviest bookshelf is the one holding all my dog books?

Why do I think people who let their dogs bark and jump at the door need to do more training while Honey is just showing her friendly personality when she tries to climb into the arms of a guest?

Why do I express an appreciation for minimalism while having two over-stuffed baskets of dog toys, five dog beds, and a basement filled with agility equipment?

And why do I think people are crazy for driving their kids to thousands of activities when I spend hours every day writing and maintaining a blog where I talk about my dog?

Is it just me? Or do you have a big furry blind spot too?

Farewell to the Train Your Dog Month Challenge

A big thank you to everyone who spent January bonding with your dog through training. It was wonderful to read about what you did and didn’t do with your month.

Thank you also to my wonderful co-hosts at Alfie’s Blog and Rescued Insanity. If you don’t know these wonderful bloggers, go meet them.

I drew one S’Wagger who joined the challenge at random to win our prize—a $25 donation to their favorite animal charity and a pack of goodies. And our winner is Gabi of How I Adopted Your Brother.

Train Your Dog Month Challenge prize

Your prize is on your way, Gabi. Hope you enjoy it.

Gabi has three dogs and a cat of her own and fosters dogs as well. She does a variety of dog sports, including rally, agility, and lure coursing. Please say hello to Gabi and prepare to be inspired.

Gabi has asked that I make the donation to the River Rouge Shelter in Michigan. The River Rouge Shelter is an animal control facility that was transformed by dedicated volunteers when they got help to renovate the building and turn it into a place where an animal who ended up there was much more likely to be adopted. Read about the Roverhaul here.

Congratulations, Gabi. And thanks for sharing the inspiring story of the River Rouge Shelter with us. Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to when next year’s challenge comes along.

Your Turn: Do you have a big furry blind spot? Or is denial just a river in Egypt for you?








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  1. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:
    I don’t have a single blind spot as far as I can see.

  2. I have two of them…one yellow and one black…they are perfect in every way.

  3. My biggest blindspot is my littlest dog… my perfect, sweet, darling, cuddly, brilliant angel. :) Congrats to Gabi!! Much deserved!

  4. Mom thinks it is a bit of a nurturing instinct thing. It is your dog that you are always with and it is like your own adopted family member, so whatever it does doesn’t seem so dirty or wrong. If you are really bonded with your dog like a family member it is only natural to want to take them with you everywhere, comfort them when they puke all over your best rug, and you don’t mind picking up the poop when it falls, or pulling that stuck piece of grass out from behind. A different dog isn’t family, you may enjoy them, but they don’t have that bond that makes you want to nurture them like your own dog has. That is just our take on it. Thanks again for hosting the training challenge, it was a good idea and lots of fun!

  5. Is it a blind spot if you fully acknowledge it’s there or does it just become a stain on your personality?? My dogs are little more than a bundle of endearing faults tied together by love and I have absolutely accepted that in my heart. I’m a crazy dog lady though…

  6. I shared on Facebook how, now it is almost the middle of February, we found a January training challenge. I watched a video of a woman whose Collies and Shelties all lined up, without barking, behind an open gated fence as she distributed food bowls. She called each dog by name. That dog came through the gate WHILE THE OTHERS STILL WAITED. She had as many dogs as I do – about 15. All politely waited and then, ate their own feed w/o bothering each other. Awestruck. I told the pack we now have a plan.

    They laughed.

  7. I have three blind spots. I am well aware of their “faults” but I mostly find them cute, funny, and endearing.

  8. Great post :) I have two big furry blind spots called Billy & Anika who have both mastered the ‘puppy dog eyes’ & pretty much have me wrapped around their little paws.
    Oh ok, we’ll go to the park and throw the frisbee even tho we just went this morning. Yes, alright, you can have the nice chair, I’ll just sit over here :)

  9. I’m pretty sure I have 2 furry blind spots. But…..my dogs are perfect. LOL

  10. I’m sure I have blind spots for my dogs and cats. I wouldn’t know for sure, because I’m probably blind to them. 😉

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  11. Hehehe yep a big furry blind spot over here too:-)

  12. I have two very special blind spots and am learning so much from the pair of them on a daily basis!

  13. Now that you mention it… Not sure if I would describe it as a blind spot. I want my dog on display! My dog does nothing wrong in my eyes! My housemate, however is forever embarrassed and distressed when my furries throw themselves all over our guests. She is agast and horrified and I am offended she feels that way. Truly and deeply offended! She purposes to lose these furries as much as I do but she certainly has a different way of showing it, jeez.

  14. Purposes to love these furries**