I Could Do That! Jinx the Agility “Star”

Hound Mix and Golden Retriever with agility equipment

Yeah, I think I’ll pass. I don’t want everyone to start calling me Jinx.

I love seeing disastrous failures!

No, it’s not schadenfreude.

If I see someone being successful, it’s easy to come up with reasons I can’t duplicate their achievements: I’m not as smart. I’m too shy. I didn’t go to Harvard. I’m ugly and my mother dresses me funny.

But I can always learn something from a failure. And here’s a particularly adorable one with lots of lessons for me.

Meet Jinx the Wonderdog!

What can we learn from this video disaster with four legs and a tail?

  • Keep your cool. Did you see that handler ever express her frustration with Jinx?
  • Be there for your dog. I loved that her person caught Jinx as she leapt off the dog walk.
  • Show affection. None of the commentary about Jinx seemed mean-spirited. She was amusing and lovable and everyone knew it. Even if she was also being a pain in the butt.

Thank you, Jinx.

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  1. I love this video too – I think it shows we are working with animals that have minds of their own. …and I agree, Jinx has a very loving Mom!


    • Well put. I go crazy when people think working with dogs is to just go through the steps and the dog will respond in the expected way. Dogs are as unpredictable as people.

      And that’s why I love them.

  2. WOW as I watched this I felt a little like they were channeling my Noah through Jinx!! I wonder what causes some dogs to be so vocal that way. Loved the video too. And the relationship between Jinx and his Mom.

    • I’ve seen other dogs that bark through an agility course. It looks to me like sheer exuberance!

      Maybe Noah is just trying to tell you he’s having a great time.

      BTW, are you on Pinterest? Because the images of your stamp work from your website are stunning. I could see them looking great pinned on a board.

  3. Jinx’s mom is very, very patient. I can’t say that I have that kind of patience with Delilah. In fact if anyone had ever recorded our Saturday morning agility classes they would have said we were all loons, swearing at our dogs. But it was done with love and amusement never with malice.

    I think the real point of amateur agility is having fun with your dog. It looks like Jinx and her mom accomplished that!

  4. Although this doesn’t inspire me to do agility with my dogs, it did inspire me to remember that anything we do with them should be fun for both the person and the dog. They are both definitely stars and in some ways role models.

  5. Then you are going to love the footage of our first agility trial in a few weeks. That is, if I agree to let my husband tape it. 😛

    Jinx is adorable. I don’t know if I’ve seen a dog with a name more fitting, other than Honey, of course. Thanks for sharing this fun video! It’s clear her human loves her dearly and that is always beautiful to watch.

    PS. My mom dresses me funny too.

  6. That was great. Jinx was certainly having a good time too. Love when he almost walked over the trainers head on the cat walk!

  7. Haha! Jinx needs his own youtube channel.

    Miss Pamela! The Typist just did a schadenfreude to me. Boo hoo hoo.

  8. Jinx sure had a lot to say didn’t she? It was like she had to discuss everything that she was suppose to do. Hilarious!! And I loved how everyone else handle her. Like a Queen. :)

  9. Oh, I have tears in my eyes – Jinx so loves his mama! and she him; what a study in patience and compassion yet expecting him to do what he was supposed to do (well, sorta sometimes). Love this video!! Please give me the patience of Jinx’s owner and the joie de vivre of Jinx himself.

  10. Oh, the tunnel, that was so funny … and probably about the only time Jinx wasn’t barking, lol:) You just have to enjoy a dog like that, don’t you. Otherwise life would be extremely frustrating for both of them. I’d say Jinx and Mum are a match made in heaven.

  11. I love that they were out there having fun! I’m betting that they have a pretty great relationship, too. She seemed to understand Jinx, even if Jinx was more than a little nutty!

  12. Jinx really is quite adorable and lovable… how could you not love that little pain in the ass?

  13. I watched Jinx and was glad the woman stood still. I’ve been on the other end of an Aussie acting like that and it was not funny. It was scary. Aussies are intense dogs, but some more so than others. He is jumping in his handler’s face several times – not a great behavior (looks similar to muzzle-punching behavior).

    I am glad she had patience. This is a dog I wouldn’t have turned my back on.