How to Make Dog Poop Green

Smiling Golden Retriever

What did you think? I was going to pose laying down some Golden Nuggets? That wouldn’t be dignified.

Why should you make your dog’s poop green?

  1. Shamrock sh*t is the hot new designer color.
  2. No one wants dog poop in their drinking water.
  3. Ca-ca created this year should not still be around for the Zombie Apocalypse.

If you picked two or three, you’re right. If you picked one, I’m a little worried about you.

Making Dog Poop “Green”

No, I don’t mean your dog’s droppings should blend in with the grass. But even when we scoop (and we always remember to scoop, right?), we still have to decide how to get rid of the stuff.

So while flaming bags of poo might be entertaining, they’re not very eco-friendly.

Why not flush?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls it the best way to protect water from bacteria-ridden pet feces in stormwater runoff.

For years, I’ve known this was the best way to clean up after Honey on a walk. But how do you get the doo doo back home to the dumper?

Introducing Flush Doggy

Flush Doggy pick up bags work like a regular plastic bag. Put it over your hand. Pick up the poop. And continue on your way.

But when you get home, you flush the entire bag in the toilet. No muss. No fuss.


Flush Doggy bags are not meant to be used with septic systems. But if you have city sewer, they work great.

It is Easy Being Green

I’ve been using Flush Doggy bags for three years and I love them.

How To Make Dog Poop Green

I can’t help myself. What goes in has to go out. At least you can make some of what comes out green.

They’re easy to use. They help me protect our local lakes and rivers. The company sends 10% of their profits to ASPCA efforts to end puppy mills. And they save me a kaboodle of money. (My city charges $3.50 a bag for trash. If I had to pay each week to get rid of Honey’s waste, it would cost me $182 a year!)

Flush Doggy will send you sample bags for just the cost of shipping. You can order today by clicking the Flush Doggy link below the badge.

Flush Doggy Logo photo flushdoggy.jpg
Take 5% off your order and get free priority shipping with coupon code REFER5.

Let’s face it. Dog poop is a stinky, guilt-delivery system. But it doesn’t have to be if you do your “doody” as a responsible pet person.


*Disclaimer: The link to Flush Doggy is an affiliate link which means I will earn a small amount if you buy through Something Wagging. Thank you for supporting us.

Updated: 8/13/15.


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  1. YESH – I flush all my indoor poop; hey, after 12+ hours when I’m working, not many can hold it :) but the outside poop from the yards and field go into the creek which does not feed my well – whew.
    I also am intrigued by the Doggie Do-Little (or something like that) which is a bought or, in my case with my amt of poop, home-made dog poop septic system you put into your yard. You put some enzymes in with it and all returns to nature :).

    • I bought a Doggie Dooley septic system when i lived in Philadelphia. I didn’t find out until reading the instructions that it required a four foot deep hole of well-drained soil. We have thick clay soil on much of the east coast so that was out. I had to return it.

      If you have deep topsoil, it might be worth it for all the dogs you have. Some people claim you can make your own composting system with enzymes. But once again, it probably requires serious digging to break up the soil enough so it works.

  2. Married with Dawgs says:

    We tried this but our toilet clogged repeatedly. :(

    • Sorry to hear that.

      That’s why I was pleased this company allowed you to get some free samples to start. Something as simple as an oddly shaped toilet trap could cause those kinds of problems.

      We use them with a low flush toilet and they work great.

  3. What a great idea! Wish I had a city sewer…it would be ideal for the cat box too, as I use recyclable paper cat litter that would be flushable too…

  4. Your city charges 3.50 per bag of rubbish????? How enlightened. There’d be a riot if that happened here.

    Our local poop bags say “biodegradable” on them. Hope it’s true.

    • Ithaca believed in the carrot and stick approach. You paid for garbage but recycling and yard waste pick up were free. Oh, and at the dog park, poop is composted. It got us one of the highest recycling rates in the nation.

      Unfortunately, because of tight budgets, they no longer allow small garbage bag pick up at a discounted rate and now charge for yard waste removal. I couldn’t afford to let dog poop hang out in the hot summer sun while I gathered enough garbage to justify paying for a 30 pound bag. It smelled like cruel death.

      Not sure how garbage is handled in Australia, but one of the problems here with biodegradable bags is that the landfills are dense and have no access to air to encourage little buggies to break things down. So even biodegradable bags break up very slowly.

      Dealing with sh*t is a sh*tty problem. :)

  5. Interesting that they used a tiny dog for the demo. I can’t imagine using this product with three large dogs, (not to mention the waste of water). I would have to get a large plunger I think…lol.

    • ha ha!

      The company does suggest that if you pick up a really large poop, you might want to empty the bag into the toilet before tossing the bag in separately.

      I think the tiny dog was for aesthetic reasons. No one wants to see the athletic efforts we large dog people must go through to keep our hands covered by the bag while scooping up a handful of poo. :)

  6. I cannot wait to show this one to my husband! I can just picture the expression on his face now. I do think it sounds like a pretty darned good idea, though!

  7. Oh, I get it . . “green” poo :) Sometimes I’m a little slow!

  8. I don’t know. The Newfs drop pretty big bombs and my husband is a plumber and I really think he might kick my butt if I start flushing the poo, However if I had smaller dogs this would definitely be an option!

    • Yeah, if I had two Newfs, I wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough waste to dump in a week and I wouldn’t need them either. :)

  9. I was afraid the answer was going to be #1! LOL I love this idea, my problem is that Delilah usually goes as soon as we start our walk and I end up carrying a smelly bag for the entire trip. I’ve taken to dropping it on the side of the trail and making sure to stop and pick it up on my way back.

    I like this idea and have already talked to Hubby. This will be purchased very soon! Thanks Pamela!

  10. Cool! I was thinking you were writing about Doggie Doo Little when I read the title, but was surprised to see it was about poop bags. I had no idea there was a bag you could flush. I will have to check them out. I wonder if my pet food store carries them?

    • I’ve never seen anything but biodegradable bags at pet supply stores. Of course biodegradable isn’t when it’s buried in a landfill. :)

      I was thrilled to find this product at Edie Jarolim’s website. Before I found it, I was toying with bringing a plastic pail and scoop with me on all my walks so I could flush. I procrastinated because managing a leash, treat bag, clicker, and pail and scoop was more than I wanted to entertain. And if I had more than one dog? Forget it.

  11. Thanks for the review. We’ve tried other disposable’s in the past but didn’t find them terribly effective. Nice to know maybe they’ve been improving on the initial efforts. We’ll definitely give them a try.

    • The nice thing about Flush Doggy is that you can get free bags to try if you pay for shipping. When you’re talking about plumbing, try before you buy is probably the best idea.

      We have a new, low-flush toilet in an old house and we’ve experienced no problems at all.

  12. These sound like a wonderful idea! I may need to give this a try. :)