How To Make A Foster Puppy Survival Kit

The puppy is coming! The puppy is coming!

Thank goodness I’ve assembled a foster puppy survival kit that will make life so much easier.

Of course, there are still a few extras I’d love to have.

Foster puppy sits in her crate in the car.

Five minutes after leaving her brothers and sisters behind, she’s all ready for her next adventure.

Contents Of A Foster Puppy Survival Kit

Many of these I own. A few, I wish I owned.

Eyes in the back of my head and on the soles of my feet

Take two seconds to answer the phone? That’s enough time for that sleeping puppy to wake up, go behind the couch, and “go” behind the couch.

And the eyes on the soles of my feet are for the times I’m wondering where the puppy went just as I start to step on a tail. Hint, when asking where the puppy went, the first place to look is between your legs.

Double-door folding dog crate (affiliate)

Our car share program requires dogs to travel in a crate. And boy, was I glad for one with a deep bottom the time my last foster puppy extruded two nervous piles of poop on the way home. And then stepped in them. Ugh.

At home, I feed the puppy in his crate to make it a happy place. And the double doors give me more options for placing it in an already small bedroom with another golden retriever create already there.

Now I just need to lose a few pounds to squeeze by the crates on the way to the bathroom.

Foster puppy in her exercise crate.

You’ve got to be fast to capture this pup at rest. She’s always on the move.

A golden retriever puppy sitter

Fortunately, Honey has excellent play skills and is a tolerant puppy sitter.

She’d be even better if she could tell me when the puppy needs to go out for a little break.

Bissell Ewww dog stain and odor remover (affiliate)

I know from reading Dr. Ian Dunbar’s books about puppy raising that it’s possible to house train a puppy without accidents. I’ve come close. But not close enough.

I take up every throw rug in the house. But one foster snickerdoodle insisted on peeing on the carpet beside my side of the bed (what did I ever do to you?) every night immediately after peeing outside in the yard.

Thanks to Ewww (don’t you love that name?), you can’t see a stain today.

Bathroom door wedges

Honey is the only dog I know who doesn’t push the bathroom door open with her nose.

My first dogs did it. My last dog did it. Dogs I’ve pet sit do it. And every foster dog has done it.

What do dogs have against privacy?

Not having sock and underwear insurance when you're raising a puppy is a dog world problem.

Sock and underwear insurance

I don’t need another pair of crotchless panties. And it would be great if I could afford to replace the custom-chewed pairs I already own.

I’m thinking the insurance companies will never go for it. There couldn’t possibly be any profit in insuring socks and underwear against destructive puppy powers.

Folding Exercise Pen (affiliate)

My exercise pen is the most useful pet products I’ve ever bought.

It kept Honey out of trouble when she was a puppy while giving her a little more freedom than a crate. It protected our Christmas tree. And it’s the perfect size to block off large entryways.

Best of all, when you just need to get away from puppies, they can’t get follow you without opposable thumbs.

Honey after the Christmas safari.

Last year, we used the exercise pen to protect our Christmas tree from floofie tails and visiting pups.

A large bladder

Yeah, everyone who’s had a puppy tells you to get your work done while the puppy is sleeping.

But what happens if you have to move? Like to go to the bathroom?

The puppy wakes up. And then the puppy needs to go out.

I’ve sat quietly for ages just to avoid waking a sleeping puppy. Perhaps I need to add adult diapers to my foster puppy survival kit?

Foster puppy on the porch.

Oooh, where are we going now?

Marriage counseling

I can stay at home all day with a puppy and not have to clean up a single accident.

My husband gets home and within five minutes I’m running for the rags and enzyme cleaner.

“I thought you were watching the puppy?” “I thought you were watching her?”

Luckily puppies grow up. Because if Honey had been a puppy forever, I’d probably be single today.

An endless supply of patience

Luckily, patience is a renewable resource. It increases every time a puppy looks at you with all his awesome adorableness.

Surviving The Pup

I started this post before we met our latest visitor. Now she’s here and she’s an amazing Australian Cattle Dog puppy.

No name yet. We’re still collecting suggestions. Several Facebook friends have suggested “Cracker” but I don’t think it conveys her immense curiosity and energy. We kinda like Pepper or Zoe.

Foster puppy sitting on her pillow.

What would you call her?

New puppy girl is the smartest, most curious, and energetic puppy I’ve ever met. Maybe we’ll learn new things about her in the next two weeks that change my mind. But I see her being an excellent pup for who loves dog sports like agility or rally.

She’s independent enough to go away to explore and connected enough to come running back. She’s affectionate, loving, and well-behaved. She doesn’t seem interested in toys. But she’s very motivated by affection.

As loving as she is, this is not a puppy who is content to cuddle on the couch. She’s always exploring and ready for fun.

I can’t wait to get to know her better over the next two weeks.

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  1. Puppies do make for some trying times, especially in the beginning when they turn life upside down, but they do grow up fast, so it is important to laugh off the mishaps, ruined items, accidents, etc. As long as no one is injured, one may as well enjoy it. Puppies are funny and mean no harm, and they are usually enjoying whatever naughty things they are doing anyway!

  2. She’s adorable. I like Pepper because she has a bit of salt & pepper coloring. We can’t wait to learn more about her too.

  3. What a beautiful dog, love her coloring! Can’t wait to learn all about her!

    • It’s already been fun getting to know her.

      She’s a real smarty. She’s even making Honey look a little dim. And as you well know, any dog that can make a golden retriever seem slow in comparison is quite the little genius. :)

  4. I think pepper is good – you want something that picks up her unusual freckles in her fur! Good job you don’t live closer!!!

    • She is quite the little attention-getter. I’d consider lending her out as a conversation-starter to anyone who wants to make new friends. :)

  5. I love ACDs! But they are definitely NOT easy dogs! Super high energy, a tad aggressive because they need the right stuff to move cows, and very bossy. You are in for a challenging couple of weeks!

    • I did some reading on ACDs and some of the traits sounded a bit like corgis. :)

      I chose her because she was the quietest, smallest, and calmest of her litter. She’s a very, very, very good girl. But she’s still a high-energy pup.

      I started thinking of what kind of home I’d like to see adopt her and you were the first person I thought of. She’s very fast and I think she’d be a great agility dog. Someday she could give Jimmy a run for his money.

  6. ACDs/Corgis/herding dogs in general…all control freaks :-)

    If I was single and didn’t not have to share my decisions, I would be fostering like crazy and would probably have one of each of the herding breeds! John probably keeps me from tipping over to complete nut job!

  7. I’ll tell you what I’d call her if my husband would let me. “Mine!” OMG she is the cutest thing, I kept clutching my chest and catching my breath with each new picture.

    How in the world are you getting anything done? The cuteness, oh the cuteness.

  8. So exciting!! I love the name Zoe, she’s such a cutie pie!

  9. Aww, she’s cute! I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with her.

    And I love your survival list!!

  10. Oh sooooo… cute!. How about Beckyjack? Not because it’s my name but because it’s the name of my favorite restaurant. Who can resist a little girl with a little jack in her?

  11. Look at you Ms. Courageous – I know you’re going to have a blast. I like the name Pepper. Looking forward to more updates.

  12. That pup is gorgeous – I’m looking forward to more puppy pics!
    My bipeds always said they needed eyes in the backs of their heads when I was a pup. It’s amazing how quickly a pup goes from sleeping peacefully to causing havoc!