How Mr. Chewy Saved My Life

Golden Retriever

What do you mean who'd want to get 35 pounds of dog food by mail? Is that a trick question?

When I first heard that Mr. Chewy delivered pet treats and food to your home, I said to myself, “Who’d want to get 35 pounds of dog food in the mail?”

You see, I had not yet embraced my identity as a car-free person.

Then I had an “aha” moment.

Death in the afternoon—just to buy some kibble

Honey needed some kibble. And I began to consider what it would take for me to buy it.

We have a fabulous, locally-owned pet supply store that specializes in high quality foods. Unfortunately it’s located near a busy, 5 point intersection. I’ve felt like I’ve taken my life in my hands when I’ve driven there.

Now I imagine balancing my bike in the left lane with my signaling arm out while oncoming traffic rushes down the hill. I see myself dividing the 35 pound bag into two smaller bags so I can balance my panniers. Or how about standing on my pedals trying to drag the extra weight of the Doggy Ride bike trailer out into the road?

Good times. Good times.

So when Mr. Chewy sent me an email offering me a coupon code for some product if I would review their shipping, I thought, “The gods have spoken.”

I ordered a 35 pound bag of dog food and a small bag of treats.

A danger-free delivery

Mr. Chewy dog food delivery.

Dog food by post.

I knew from reading reviews at some of my favorite blogs that I should expect fast shipping. But I was curious about how a heavy bag of food would be handled.

The treats arrived first—two days after I ordered them. They were cushioned in crumpled paper and came in their own shipping box.

The next day I came home to find a hip-high cardboard box on my front porch. Mr. Chewy came through.

Carrying the kibble inside felt much less dangerous than dodging traffic on my bike.

Of course, the delivery driver could be out for revenge for the hernia he got carrying Honey’s kibble up on the porch.

Mr. Chewy offered me a coupon code worth $50 to try their service and shipping. 

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  1. I’ve often thought of ordering dog food and having it delivered. Now you’re making me think I need to try it. We actually have a local company who delivers dog food to your door (Fetch Delivers) and I have heard great things about them, including the fact that they host adoption events at their warehouse. I may try them and review them. So glad you did not have to risk life and limb to get Honey’s food!

    • You bring up the big negative for me about Mr. Chewy–it’s not a local company. I’d love it if Ithaca Grain and Feed delivered. I want to support a good local company.

  2. I was really impressed with Mr. Chewy! We had great service, and it was even the week before Christmas. It was a lifesaver for us and I’m thinking hard about signing up for regular delivery! I can’t imagine carrying a bag of dog food on a bicycle, but I sure would like to see the video of you doing that!

    • I don’t have very good balance as it is. If I tried to hook up a video camera, you’d probably only get a few of the asphalt as I introduced myself to it.

  3. I love the idea of having dog/cat food delivered – it seems like the perfect solution for you! Actually, I love the idea of having everything delivered :) I wish Trader Joe’s delivered!!!

  4. Erin, Trump, Bubbles & Texas says:

    We used to order food all the time, but since I was still going to the Petstore to buy treats I wasn’t saving any money or time gas wise. Soo yeah! :)

  5. Impressive that the shipping was so fast!

  6. Mr. Chewy sounds perfect for you! We had a great experience with him too, and we plan to order again.

  7. I’m having trouble getting past the name. Mr. Chewy?

    I also noticed you reviewed the delivery but not the food. Is it Honey’s usual or something else?

    • I suspected Mr. Chewy was the name of the owner’s pet. Something I read suggested that. But I’ve never been able to confirm it.

      Wouldn’t it be awful to find out the name was the result of focus groups and high-priced consultants?

      The food was Honey’s usual. I think it’s the service and speed that makes Mr. Chewy remarkable.

      They do carry over 70 types of food–some good, some just so-so.

  8. We used Mr. Chewy, I agree!! They have a great selection, and fast delivery. We Strongly Recommend them TOO!!

  9. I’ve had two companies deliver food when I had fewer dogs: Wysong (love the products; the delivery was spot on regular) and Drs. Foster and Smith (again, very good product and service). I have an offer from Mr. Chewy, too: “he” is EVERYWHERE! Glad to hear of the good service and food. I’ll take another look though my friend owns a pet products store, I do have a car and she works with me for broken bags (the resident cat will sometimes play with dog food bags – go, Howie!).

    • As I said to Mel, it’s always nice to have a local store. I’ll use Mr. Chewy on occasion but I’ll try to build a trip to my local pet supply onto a time when I’m getting a ride or renting a car.

      Love that your friend works a broken bag deal with you. That’s the kind of customer service you only get from a local. :)

  10. Sounds like the perfect solution.

  11. Awesome! Isn’t great when you discover something that makes your life so much easier? No matter how small, like finding the “delete” button on my Blackberry, it always gives me a thrill.

    I wish I had gotten the chance to test them out myself but they only ship within the States. BooOOoooOOO. That’s okay, I guess, as I did get to share the wealth!