How Dogs Would Celebrate Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in the United States. How do you think it would be different if dogs did the holiday planning?

If Dogs Celebrated Independence Day

They’d change the name to Co-Dependence Day. What do you think they are? Cats?

Instead of fireworks, they’d only set off stink bombs.

Honey the Golden Retriever lies in the grass near Fall Creek.

Why must we wait until dark to set off stink bombs? It just doesn’t make any sense.

“Fire up that grill. Let’s make some meat. On second thought, why waste time cooking? Just toss me that raw burger.”

The town parade would feature every male dog scent-marking mailboxes and utility poles.

The local band concert would play patriotic favorites like the “Battle Hymn of the Re-pup-lick,” “Dog Bless America,” and “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandie Dinmont Terrier.”

Honey the Golden Retriever poses beside Cayuga Lake.

I don’t know why. But I suddenly feel inspired to howl American the Be- wooo-tiful.

Instead of red, white, and blue bunting, they’d hang half-chewed stuffies from the porch to show what they’re most proud of.

A local politician would read the Declaration of Interdependence over the radio.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Your Turn: How would your dog celebrate your country’s patriotic holiday?


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  1. A big warm happy 4th of July to you all. We hope it is a great day and we also hope the fireworks are not too bad.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy 4th of July! I think that Sherman and Leroy would spend the day eating steaks, napping and chasing groundhogs!

  3. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    If it were up to Callie, Shadow, and Ducky, there would be NO fireworks, gun shots, thunder, or other loud, scary noises on the 4th of July or any other day. Actually, Shadow pretty much ignores the noise. Otherwise, the 4th is just like any other day in our house, except that hubby stays home from work and there is no daycare.

  4. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    PS. Happy Independence Day to you, Mike, and Honey!!

  5. I just knew you would come up with a clever slant on celebrating the day. Yes, meaningless noises would definitely be banned in a perfect doggie world.

  6. Love it…you got it all down in this post! Don’t forget hounds like me would howl out some patriotic hunting call tunes as well! Happy 4th!

  7. Hope you had a great day!

  8. This is SO fun, creative and just plain fantastic! Thanks for adding a little extra laughter and smiles to my day! ;0)

  9. Great fun. BJ would just have the park open all day for off leash play. And a degree that there would be no fireworks and other loud noises.

  10. No picnickers hogging up the park! That would be Silas’s rule.

  11. That would be a perfect 4th!!!!!

  12. Stink bombs would be a must!! Charlie and Hannah celebrated in style, with lots of stink bombs and chewed stuffies 🙂

  13. Do I smell a movement? Hope you had a wonderful 4th, even if it was in human time.

  14. I would chase squirrels and eat cookies- like most any other day I guess. woo woo!

  15. LOL. It would be a very interesting 4th to be sure.

  16. Gizmo would have a pawsonal chef working the grill all day cooking up ribs and burgers followed up with slices of watermelon and a nap in the shade…hmmm that doesn’t sound all that bad for humans either

  17. Hello my friend!
    Seems like you’ve been reading the mail of us pups…have you? I did howl the “Star Spangled Banner” for Mommy while wearing my “Patricia Henry” hat for Co-Dependence (brilliant!) Day. Mommy needed it, BOL! So glad I found your blog. Hope you’ll visit mine sometime. Here’s my twist on the holiday.
    Love, Pixel

  18. You’ve inspired me. Next year, I’m totally going to post some patriotic parodies. 🙂