How Are Dog People Different – Wordless Wednesday

How Are Dog People Different From Regular People?

The dog crate in the bedroom has laundry on top.

Instead of hanging laundry on our exercise equipment, we leave it on the dog crate.

Where do we keep our exercise equipment?


Honey the Golden Retriever lies in her crate.

Ok, up and at ’em. Time for a walk.


In the dog crate, of course.

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  1. Love your exercise equipment!

  2. Good one!! :)

  3. LOL so funny and so true. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. The top of those creates are very useful storage spots. I actually keep Jack’s toys on top of his!

  5. HA!! So funny, so true!

  6. so true!! lol. I always have clothes folded on top of Dakota’s crate that is in our bedroom, he no longer uses it so that is how I use it!

  7. Perfect! I keep my exercise equipment on the chair.

  8. Ellie Haith says:

    Quite right – only the equipment prefers the sofa.

  9. LOL! My 4 legged exercise equipment prefers to be at the floor right at my feet. Lovely pics 😉

  10. LOL – oh, how true it is. :)

  11. Love it!

  12. its very true!

  13. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    Cute! Ducky is the only dog who has had a crate in this house. When Kissy and I moved down here, there was no room for her crate anywhere so she was given full roaming privileges and a nice comfy bed to sleep on. Callie had the kitchen to herself — and I came home at lunchtime to take her outside, play, and clean up — until she was old enough to be outside during the day. She had her dog house and a big bucket of water, and I still came home at lunchtime. Shadow was raised the same way. Every now & then I dropped them off at the PetsHotel for a day of doggie daycare. Then, I found the pet sitters I use now and they came over twice a day to let them out and play with the girls. Until I was laid off, I paid the pet sitter for 10 visits — sometimes more — per week.

  14. Ha! That’s so great…and totally true! Happy WW!

  15. A PAWsome exercise partner. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. Heehee – that’s my main piece of exercise equipment too! (And a coupla weights. But that’s all I need!)

  17. It’s 5 am and my exercise equipment are both still asleep on ‘our’ bed! Well, Frankie is under the covers, Beryl is on top snuggled up in her mink blanket. Frankie’s crate is very useful as somewhere to put magazines, no room for my laundry.

  18. BOL! Oh that’s too funny Pamela! We put our laundry on the dog crate too!!

    And the exercise equipment in the crate-brilliant!!

  19. Yup, that’s how we use it at our house too!

  20. With your exercise equipment you can’t just say “I don’t think I’ll do today.”

  21. LOL! Cute. :) I have some exercise equipment, but would much rather walk the dog. So the equipment just sits in the basement and gathers dust.

  22. A most excellent “piece” of exercise equipment! I often tell people I have no excuse to not get out and walk – I have a choice of 16, oops, 17, dogs from whom to choose :). Good girl, Honey.

  23. :) This reminds me of when we had crates and we’d dump all sorts of things on top of the crate – laundry, leashes, dog got crazy. And yes, the best exercise equipment is a dog that you love!