Honey’s Holiday Happening – The Solution

Golden Retriever on Beach Avenue in Cape May, New Jersey

When I heard someone talking about Painted Ladies, I thought I was going for a Pet-i-cure.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to follow the clues on Honey’s Holiday Happening.

Yes, they were very hard. No one could have gotten them by knowledge alone unless they were very familiar with Honey’s favorite vacation spot.

Which is…

Cape May, New Jersey!

Cape May is the oldest seashore resort in the United States and has more Victorian architecture than any city except San Francisco.

And the winner, drawn randomly from all the correct answers:

Georgia Little Pea Ratatouille!

GLP Ratatouille will receive a $25 gift card from Amazon. Georgia Little Pea Ratatouille writes the wonderful and amusing blog, Little Dogs on Long Leashes. She’s neglecting her blog taking a well-deserved vacation. But stop by to congratulate her.



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  1. darnit, i should have entered! i actually came up with cape may after the world series clue and i saw photos of honey in the sand. still, congrats to georgia for winning!

    • Yes, Aleksandra, you should have entered. Living in MD, you had a better chance of getting the clues than any of my other readers. Oh well! Next time…

  2. I’m usually quite clever at guessing and googling, but this one had me flummoxed completely. Now I can see how unclever I was.

    • No, not unclever at all. I got a lot of feed back about how hard it was.

      I’m wondering if I should feel guilty for making such a hard game. Hmmm.

  3. There is a world series of birding? Who knew?

    Congratulations to Georgia Little Pea! I know she will be very excited. :-)

    • Evidently, American bird watchers spend more money on their hobby than football, baseball, and basketball fans combined. It’s a really big deal as is the World Series of Birding.

      Who knew?

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to vacation. Congrats to GLP!

  5. Mike Webster says:

    Pam’s Husband Responds:
    I still know it! I still know this one! I was still there and still everything!
    Honey’s Holiday Happening happened in CAPE MAY, NEW JERSEY!

    Hey, whaddaya mean the contest’s over?

  6. Well, phooey! At least it was Georgia who won it! We’re happy for her!

    • I knew you’d be disappointed. I know you have quite a reading habit to support. :)

      But thank you for entering. I was thrilled that not everyone gave up when they saw how tough the clues were.

  7. Congratulations to GLP! Her typist will have lots of fun choosing something for Georgia from Amazon, lol:) Cape May looks like a lovely place for a holiday. At least I got it right even if I didn’t win!

  8. Ahhhh, we loved going down to Cape May when we lived in Philadelphia. My husband grew up going to Wildwood, and he vacationed for years in Avalon before we met – but Cape May was always my favorite.

  9. i might be a bit late but I’M HERE! thank you so much Ms Pamela! i can’t believe how clever i am. My Typist will be pleased too. she helped a little.

    YAY! xoxoxox [some extra kisses and hugs], Georgia.