Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #5

Golden Retriever on chair

I don't know. I thought this last clue tasted like chicken

This is the last unique clue in Honey’s Holiday Happening for the folks who like a challenge. Tomorrow, I’ll repost all the clues in one place with tips to solve the mystery of where Honey went on vacation. After Saturday, I’ll have a drawing from all the winning entries for an Amazon gift card.

If you’re coming in late and want to see the other clues, start here with clue #1, clue #2, clue #3, and clue #4. Oh, and don’t forget to read the rules here (especially the one that tells you to email your guess to me instead of putting it in the comments so other folks can have some fun).

So here’s your last unique clue:

Honey’s vacation spot underwent drastic construction to protect American ships from Nazi U-boats during World War II. How drastic? The Army Corps of Engineers turned this place into an island.

Honey’s favorite vacation spot still serves an important role in defending America’s shores. It is the recruit training facility for the United States Coast Guard.

If you’re still uncertain, come back tomorrow to see all the clues with tips to help you solve the mystery. Or get googling and use this last clue to help you locate Honey’s vacation paradise.

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