Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #4

Golden Retriever

If I had known how hard this contest was going to be, I would have never lent my name to it. I'm so embarrassed.

Time for your fourth clue in Honey’s Holiday Happening. Guess where Honey vacationed last week to get a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Don’t forget to read the rules (the most important is not to give away the answer in the comments). And you can go back to read clue #1, clue #2, and clue #3 to get caught up.

Okay, here’s the clue:

Oldsters from the City of Brotherly Love remember Cozy Morley singing the lyrics, “On the way to ___________, I fell in love with you.”

Both google and youtube are good places to research this clue.

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  1. Hmmm… Mom thinks she has it now. She has to review clues…


    • Yay! I’ll have one clue tomorrow (they are getting easier, aren’t they?). Then on Saturday, I’ll provide tips for all the clues to help the stragglers.

      Sam, you should be very proud of your Mom. Most folks are finding this very hard and I’ve only gotten 3 entries so far!

  2. I’m glad I guessed it from the other clues, because I’d never have gotten this one!