Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #3

Golden Retriever

Are you ready "fur" your next clue?

Ok, here comes clue #3 in Honey’s Holiday Happening where you try to figure out where Honey went on vacation. A winner will be chosen after Saturday from all the correct guesses to receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

After you see this one, you’re welcome to send me your guess by email (don’t post it below; you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for everyone else) as I posted in the rules. You’ll find my email address on the “About” page.

Or if you need more help, look back at clue #1 and clue #2.

Ok, ready for your latest clue?

The name of Honey’s vacation spot includes the geographic feature it sits on but is hopeless and without fish.

Weird, huh? Don’t lose hope. If you don’t get it, tomorrow’s clue will rely more on research than deciphering my quirky thought processes.

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  1. This is so hard! I thought it would be easier once you mentioned Henry Hudson as I did a huge project on him in junior high. But apparently, not so much. I have some research to do. I have a feeling once I know the answer I am going to feel very silly.

  2. Hmmm – Mom hasn’t had any luck yet deciphering your clues!


    • Don’t give up. It will get clearer soon. :)

      Sam, you’d better start helping, though. And maybe Monty will lend his brain power as well.

  3. This is a great clue. :)

  4. I thought I was on to it but the hopeless and no fish concepts threw me off . . .

  5. Did you check the tip on facebook?

  6. MORE obscurity. do you moonlight as a cryptic crossword puzzle designer by any chance?

    this is as bad as a high school assignment! i hope i have time to send you an answer before i go off for MY vac :0

  7. We sent in our guess! Hopefully we’re right!