Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #2

Golden Retriever

Should I "tail" you another clue?

Here’s the second clue to where Honey went for her summer vacation:

Although this region was “discovered” by English explorer, Henry Hudson, it was a Captain from the Dutch East India Company who explored and charted it in 1620.

Since the Dutch captain’s first name was Cornelius, he decided to give the area his last name (thank goodness; I can’t imagine vacationing in a place called “Cornelius”).

Unfortunately, the current name of this area is a misspelling of his name. If he had known how inconsiderate people were, the captain probably would have named the area for the Lenni Lenape tribe who lived there before the Europeans.


Ok, there’s lots of details for google to help you get to the right area. If you’re coming in late, you can find the first clue here and the rules to the contest here.

Don’t forget the most important rule–don’t give away the answer in the comments. And subscribe by email if you want a notice in your mailbox when the next clue is posted.

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  1. that’s a great clue. i must gather my wits and start googling :)

    • Yeah, the first clue was to send people familiar with the World Series off on a wild goose chase. So you’re not behind one bit. Get googling.

  2. Mom is googling too! We hope your having a great vacation!


  3. Ooooooooooooo! I know where it is! Now I just have to wait for tomorrow’s clue to be posted!

  4. I have no idea, lol. But Google is my friend, right?